CMS is the short form of Content Management System. There are several CMS available like WordPress, Magento, eCommerce, Joomla etc. which are extensively used for developing as well as to maintain websites. WordPress is so popular in CMS because of its versatility and easy to use nature. You can develop a blog or build an e-commerce site and you can even create a photo and video sharing site with ease in WordPress. Within a span of 10 years ( the first version of WordPress was released in 2003), this software is getting used in more than 60 million websites/blogs and it is being used by approximately 19% of the total websites present which shows the real popularity of it in the CMS world. The latest version 3.7 alone crossed 10 million downloads since its release and these are just some statistics to reveal the popularity of WordPress.

Why WordPress CMS is best for blogging

  • The first reason for the popularity of WordPress is easiness in its usage. You don’t need to know, understand or code in HTML or PHP to start a website.
  • You can start your own website within minutes. You can even build professional looking, powerful website which look like premium designed website with in no time.
  • Compatibility is one of the most significant factors in determining the success of CMS. WordPress is compatible to most coding languages and you can easily transfer your content from other CMS to WordPress and vice versa very easily.
  • WordPress is open source tool so that you can customize it according to your needs and requirements and it is not possible in other CMS.
  • With increasing blogging culture, WordPress is offering more convenient and user and developer friendly environment. So most of the bloggers are using and recommending it to others.
  • Even people who don’t have any knowledge on coding can also maintain WordPress website as the administrator and they won’t find any difficulty in maintaining it.
  • WordPress is constantly trying to update its software and other software management systems to give more flexibility to the bloggers.

Managing Advertisements, Affiliate Links and other Ad words are so easy in WordPress. If your WordPress site/blog is very popular you can easily convert into an income generating machine which is not so easy in other CMS.WordPress has an extensive set of mobile themes. So at the time of developing your site/blog only you can also choose the mobile compatibility and mobile themes. So no specialist technique/coding required for mobiles in case of WordPress.

Apart from advantages, there are some drawbacks with WordPress. You can’t customize the domain name in blogging. In WordPress, the syntax must be, which is not recommending for commercial or professional bloggers. In spite of this disadvantage, WordPress is continuously gaining popularity and the number of WordPress users is increasing exponentially. Infinite number of advantages when compared with the other CMS systems made WordPress as number one and it is the best CMS for blogging in the present scenario. Well, grabbing a web design is indeed a big deal when it comes to quality and satisfaction. We recommend you to try Website Design Vancouver (Skyrocket) .