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WhatsApp’s VoIP Feature Gets Leaked with Screenshots For iOS

what's app VIOP leaked

With Facebook recently buying over WhatsApp for a disclosed fee I believe to be about $19 Billion, most of us would be anticipating with what does Mark Zuckerberg and his team would be coming up with, and most guesses would go towards integrating a VoIP feature into the WhatsApp despite similar app such as Viber and Line came with this feature long ago during the introduction of the app itself. Not a bad guess peoples, as that is the exact feature that Facebook is working hard to release VoIP as soon as possible for WhatsApp users.

I am quite sure the Facebook team could easily patch this feature up, mainly because Facebook’s Messenger mobile app for both Android and iOS comes with this VoIP feature, where it is recognized as “Free Call”,basically the same thing with a different name. Some of you might not even know that this feature exists until the very moment you end up reading this. For my personal use, I have tried the VoIP feature on Facebook and I must say that the call quality is excellent and I could rank it on par with Skype and even Viber, as long as you have a stable and a fast internet connection, this experience will take place.
what's app VIOP leaked
Without bragging too much time, the leaked Screenshot that took place in iPhoneItalia shows that WhatsApp is at the final stage of releasing their latest updated app packed with the VoIP feature which is known as WhatsApp Call based on the Screenshot, which I would guess to be officially released in few weeks time, beginning with iOS and followed by Android. Also you can notice that there is a message button to be clicked while on call that I think would probably switch to the WhatsApp home screen, which allows you to continue messaging with others while on call with a particular person. Either that, or it could simply mean if there is no answer from the person that you are calling, clicking the “message” button would allow you to keep sending messages to the same person which could end up prompting the person to finally pick up the call, unless he/she is away from the mobile device.

Based on other VoIP apps, I am pretty sure this feature would not deduct your credit balance and would only depend on WiFi or mobile data. How eager are you for WhatsApp’s VoIP feature? Would you ditch other VoIP apps, once this feature is officially introduced on WhatsApp? One more thing that I am quite eager to know is that, would Facebook integrate ads on the always known as “ad less” WhatsApp?So I hope you Enjoyed the reading .Keep visiting and feel free to give a feed back 🙂

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