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What On Earth Is Happening On Facebook ?

Facebookis making huge turn around in the online industry. Last week there was an official notification from the FB team that they are ending messenger service for windows computers. This will put the millions of its users in trouble. The company after the sad news, comes with a new technology VoIP (voice over IP) which will enable the mobile users to make free calls with the messenger app. Certainly this will make huge impact over the public as the call rates hiking like anything!.
There were huge changes in the in Smart phone world after the World Mobile Congress.WMC was held in early week of March. The hot news for the last month was the million dollar trade between the internet giants. The Facebook owned Whatsapp for whooping 19 billion dollar. This was one of the biggest trade deals in the online world. Mark Zukerburg the CEO of Facebook told that the leading .social chat app is worth more 19 billion. He thinks this is a good bet!.
There was a huge decline in the Facebook users after the acceptance of the simple and fast messaging app whatsapp. The growth of the app was lightening fast such that it was able to make millions of users within in a short span. The main pros of the app is that it does not serve any ads it make its earnings from the yearly service payment, which is low as 0.99 dollar. This also has fast and efficient message transfer system. Now Facebook thinks that it can socialize the app more easily after getting its ownership.
One of the main reason which make facebook outstanding in the online industry is that their constant and creative innovative changes in their technologies. Needs of the user are better understood than any other competitor. Latest among them is the implementation of voice over IP protocol which is enabled in the latest version of messenger for Android and I-phone. The users can make unlimited calls to their friends anywhere in the world (data charges may apply).
 I personally tried this and worked as awesome. I made a call (from India) to United States over a 3G carrier. The voice clarity was of high Standards and only had a delay of nearly 0.5secs which is less when compared to others.
 This technology help to reduce our voice bills but certainly puts down the telecom service providers. The innovations make the market more fresh and alive, now they also declred that same system is going to be implemented in Whatsapp by the year end. Anyhow let’s make the most of now!.
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