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Update : Bitcoin is Banned in India and some other Countries

Currency’s I mean Money is controlling the world nowadays for everything purchase,investing,Enjoyments and for everything we need money and money is the one which controls us in our day today day life and we all are working for money even Iam writing this post for money
So, what actually happened is a coin called Bitcoin which came out in the year 2008 actually made a twist to the current currency markets in India.Actually it was found to be a failure in many of the peoples mind and finally it became the king of currecny The Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a new form of currency which is used by a huge majority of peoples mainly business managers and Online Investors.Bitcoins are not just like other currecy coins and they are huge in case of their value in the market.Whatever may happen in between Euro and USD or INR and USD that all doesn’t even matters for bitcoin it remains safe.

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Price of One Bitcoin ?

Actually when the bitcoin started It was just $20(Rs.1000) for one bitcoin and today it changed to $203(Rs.12000) as the demand of this rised to the sky.
How to Get Bitcoins ?
Getting bitcoins is easy in the market out there because there are many agents who give you bitcoins by taking your money as the currency of your country.In the bitcoins official site you can see many exchange agents who are ready to give you bitcoins.

Note : 1 Bitcoin Costs Rs.12000($203)

How to start with Bitcoins ?

starting with bitcoin

Starting with bitcoins is easy and tech free. Actually there are many websites offering bitcoin services and for your knowledge bitcoins official website is not offering any account or signing up option you have to stick on to other websites like which are authorised by

After creating account you’ll get an address like this 1NY7JTb9CF7z9RqEtbSDfmQkzCJyRxRT2A which is used for further transaction.

I recommend you to Use because it is widely used and I am personally using it.
Even companies like Forbes,TechRadar are using blockchain

Investing On Bitcoins ?

Mmm.,that’s a right thought even , because if you check the history of bitcoin you can understand that from 2008 to 2013 they i’ve not made a small flake they have made huge hike and that’s from $20 to $200 that means 10 times more the money…

Ex: If you have invested on bitcoin an amount of $100 in 2008 you’ll get 5 Bitcoins ,and if you are selling that bitcoin now you’ll get $1000 .
That means 10 times the profit.

Investing on Bitcoins in a small Duration is seem to be a Foolishness in my point of view but if your are ready to do daily transactions with your bitcoins you may yield more returns.
But if you are investing on long duration for about 5 years you’ll surely get a huge amount of income as interest.

Is Bitcoin a Physical Coin ?

Yes , as well as No, because since 2012 there were no physical bitcoins and now they have started releasing bitcoins physical coin.
You can see the bitcoin in the picture above

How to earn Free bitcoins ?

This is a familiar question in earning free bitcoins because every one will be interested in earning free bitcoins.Iam preparing a wonderfull post which explains about how to earn free bitcoins and
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