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WebHostFace Review : New Generation Web Hosting



WebHostFace ,If you are coming from Search you may take it as “Yet another Review” but rather than making it a web hosting company review , I’d love to explain what is Webhostface and how are they making such wonders and how will they! “If you really know what I mean”.Let’s talk about them a bit, Webhostface is a team of IT Specialists and they were dreaming of starting a web hosting company and finally they started one called “WebHostFace” (CEO : Valentin) Β and that’s pretty cool Isn’t it? If you are an Entrepreneur or a Business blogger you can understand their hardwork, becuase we all are trying do some crazy stuffs to become famous or we all have a dream to Make up our own new Online company even I’m also having that dream! So what if you’re working with startups to grow your startup? Oh Yeah! Webhostface is a startup company and I’m damn sure that they are having a great mindest to help the coming online startups or websites and they’ll work with you like a team and that’s the most enjoyable moment which leads to a success.

The first thing you need to check before buying Hosting for your online company is not the sever ! Confused? Yeah its “Customer Service” you may get some amazing sever out there but if you are not getting good customer support then everything goes in vein.So when it comes to customer service of Webhostface I’m kinda speechless because Anna (The customer Service Manager) Rocks πŸ˜‰ .They have a great customer support team leaded by Anna.Even the online chatting system can solve your problems in minutes.So It’s time to check up what is Webhostface and how can you become a part of this amazing Hosting :).

Web Hosting


They have some cool hosting services like “Shared Hosting,Email Hosting,VPS Hosting,Dedicated Hosting” and the first ever thing you have to check before purchasing hosting is “Uptime” and Webhostface provides an uptime guarentee of 99.9%.Here I’ve an amazing offer to you as a part of easter.They are providing hosting for $2/month as an easter offer.Here check out their cool hosting plan.

webhosting plans

Sound’s Great right! Man! you can start a complete website for $36/Year and that’s too low.Even they are giving away domain name for free if you buy hosting from them.That’s a 75% Offer dude πŸ˜€ .


Reseller Hosting

Are you looking for a reseller hosting plan to make up your dream hosting website? Then work with Web host face and here you can get Reseller hosting from as low as $19.95.Here take a look at what all you get out of it.


Seriously it’s not over you can have access to 13+ Open source applications and Programming languages in their reseller hosting plan.

Final Verdict

All I can say after reviewing Webhost face is “Go for it” because I’m sure that you’re not going to face any problems because they know how to face it that’s why they are called WebHostFace.The best thing I’ve noticed is their offers for this easter, especially if you are starting a blog you can manage the 1 Year hosting for $24 and if you are looking for a big online website you can avail 1 Year hosting for just $36 and that’s amazingly cool for sure.They offer a wide range of services like Shared Hosting,Reseller hosting and I’m sure that they’ll be come up with some more features.So I’m giving a guarantee that you’re not going to regret after going for Webhostface.

Seriously they have a Good Face! So guys feel free to ask your doubts and you can share your thoughts also! Keep visiting Blogbeatz.


  1. This awesome review made me drive crazy for WHF, I haven’t heard this name before, but fortunately Krishna introduced me to this new gen web Hosting service through this awesome review. And guess what? I bought their hosting plan on the same day!

    Thanks Krishna! and Thanks WHF!

  2. Wow! Nice review about webhostface πŸ™‚
    Gonna give it a hit when am moving to wordpress πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the share anyway

  3. I didnt knew about this before . Nice review … . Thanks for sharing this wonderful article..keep blogging and happy blogging

  4. Agree With Mayank Chawla !
    Never Heard About WebHostface
    May I Trust WebHostFace ? @ Krishna

  5. Awesome! Web host face rocks! Thanks for the Review Krishna πŸ˜€

  6. Buddy a suggestion for you proofread the posts before posting so that they cant miss the professional look. The post is convincing to buy the host.

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