Ways to Make Money From Low Traffic Blog

Make money from low traffic blog

All right you have a blog and can’t Monetize(Make Money) with it..Its ok you can solve it out here

When I started my blogging experience I had many problem with monetizing my low traffic blog and finnaly I found out my way through.

The Major Problems for a Beginner Blogger is..

+ Low Traffic
+ No Adsense Approval
+ Difficiult to Monetize

So dont worry and mainly you need to have atleast 10 visitors per day(even your friends) to do this orelse it will be a waste of time

So,what Iam talking about is the Affiliate Programs..

Actually thats the best way I’ve seen to get better Monetization for My blog.

The main Advantage of Affiliate Marketing is most of them do not check the status of your blog and you can easily get them…

For Eg :-

The Companies Like GoDaddy,DreamHost,Flipkart etc….give away free affiliation to you..

So that if anyone who enters your blog and make a purchase with your affiliate link You Get Paid According to their Commission Rates

GoDaddy is giving 100% commissions fo some products….

So check out the Websites and Get your Affiliate Today

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