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visme review

visme review


I read somewhere, ‘Picture means a thousand words’ and this is somewhat true in most of the cases. These days images play an important role in explaining something and they are said to be the best in today’s world. But to make some awesome images you need some awesome designing skills and not everyone knows that. And for such people, comes a new Web App to the rescue!

Now you might be thinking that why only Visme? Well, the answer is pretty simple for this question, there are many apps like Visme which help in creating presentations and infographics but their main problem is that all of them fail to deliver all the spices in one herb. Either these apps are too expensive for purchasing or don’t match the quality one needs and that is the reason people will choose Visme over other Applications.Now role of Visme starts in the story. If you are not the digital Leonardo Da Vinci then this app will help you a lot. This app is designed in such a way which makes it really easy to use and create easy to share digital content.


What is Visme?

Today’s world is fully digitalized and in this digital world people want to express themselves in a digital way. Now the question is how will they express themselves digitally? The answer for this is using digital media and graphics but not everyone can make such graphics. In a recent survey it was found that Images, presentation and infographics engage more audience as compared to the plain text.

Now, the people who are not great in designing use softwares like Powerpoint to create graphics and it is their key software for making graphics. But seriously you think you can make an awesome and eye catching powerpoint with a software which is totally outdated in terms of design? Come on guys you need to come out of this and use an awesome and incredible software! Yes! I am talking about Visme!


Visme Review

Now comes the most interesting part, opening Visme and getting your hands on. You don’t need to do anything, just open Visme and then click on log in.

Once you open it, you will see some colorful square boxes which actually show different projects like presentation, infographic and others. When you hover above any of these then you can see description for each of them. And the most important thing in all of the services is infographics, it is the most useful and trending stuff right now.




Making An Infographic

You might be thinking that making infogrpahic is really difficult and you need to be a Pablo Picaso but in case of Visme, if you even know how to use a mouse, you will end up being Pablo Picaso.Once you open infographics, you would be served with tons of templates in a Carousel. You can browse through all of them and click on use this theme button for the theme you think will suit you the most.

Now you are left with the theme and the editing window. But the part which is the most crucial is editing, don’t worry it is as easy as putting butter on a bread with butcher’s knife. Okay, I will guide you.Editing content on Visme is really easy. If you want to edit anything then just double click on the element and it will give you an editable form. Once you choose something for editing, Visme will give you a submenu with the attributes of the element you selected.On the left you have a easy to understand toolbar which contains different tools and the main among them is background changer.

You can even edit images and chart. But this is little tricky and this is the place where a little disappointment was delivered to us. You need to upload images on your own but the worst part is that the images show up in a huge size and you need to resize them everytime you upload, if there was a feature to just simply replace an image then this tool would have been awesome. Apart from that you are having a wide range of charts and graphs which will surely fill up the wound.The most interesting part in these graphs and charts is the animated graph and chart, although this feature is not released yet but we were able to get a taste of it. And believe me, it was just AWESOME!




Publishing the Content

Before publishing just check out the content you made using the preview option, once you do that you can check out whether something needs to be edited or not. I know you might be very excited to publish the infographic but calm down, as once you publish the infographic it will go public and then you can’t make any changes to it.Once you publish it, you can download your work in formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, HTML or you can even embed it directly to your website!



If you ask me, I was impressed by this tool a lot even though I got the premium version for free for testing, I will surely drop some bills from my wallet for this tool because it deserves them!


  1. really great
    i might use to create online and offline seminars and webinars for my school purposes, really awesome tools thanks Krishna
    regards 🙂

  2. As you told and everyone says a Picture speaks thousand words you can explain everything to the user easily in the way he can understand. Visme looks wonderful and I am a noob at photoshop and I can’t create any infographics and Visme seems a better alternative for me 🙂

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