This decade can be called as the decade of video creators. We saw a lot of video content varying from amateur to professional. A lot of people tried to try their luck in this video industry and make a buck out of it. YouTube was the hotspot for such people. Almost everyone tried their luck in this website to make few bucks, sadly only the prominent channels were able to make a good amount of money and the rest used to see few pennies in their accounts.

Some other rules related to piracy and security demotivated a lot of other video creators. The current nature of the video networks is taking away the power as well the control from content creators.  This leads to almost no financial profit. But today we will introduce you to an awesome service called Uscreen which is the heaven for video creators.

Uscreen is a video publishing platform which allows people to get a complete control on how they want to sell their videos on the internet. Uscreen is a platform which is precisely developed for the content creators to sell their videos at good rates. This service has been specially designed to bridge the distance between the consumers and the creators.


Uscreen is an easy platform to publish and monetize videos. Uscreen aims to change the way one sells digital content over the internet. This tool is also aimed to increase the reach and video sales for the creator.Uscreen comes with a plethora of great features, some of the prominent ones are:

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Customizable Digital Storefront

With the help of Uscreen, content creators have all the control they want. The creators can choose how the store, where they sell their videos look like. Uscreen provides the creator with a custom digital storefront where they can list their videos the way they feel will look the best. It also allows the creator to list videos according to their chapters and also allows the audience to preview the video so as to help them decide what to buy.


Proprietary DRM and encryption

Other platforms often ruin the publisher’s experience due to the privacy and security issues. But with Uscreen, all these issues are a thing of the past. With the helo of Uscreen.tv publishers get full security on their videos which is done with the help of Uscreen’s proprietary encryption software and DRM services. With such a content security, publishers can relax as there is no way their work would be stolen or pirated.


Powerful Publisher Admin Panel

With the Uscreen’s powerful publishing panel, the content creators get all the control they wanton their videos. It allows the user to take care about all the aspects of their uploaded videos at a single location. The publishers can choose at what price their video is purchased, rented or subscribed with the help of this admin panel. The user can also device the video previews as well as the chapter pricing. The admin panel also allows the publisher to manage their subscribers. This admin panel offers everything that a content creator wants!



Uscreen is certainly the best place for a person who creates video content and wants to make some good amount of profit from it. With the help of Uscreen, one can easily monetize the video content and also get exposed to a huge amount of audience. With the increased security features of Uscreen, content creators can relax without the fear of getting their work pirated or stolen. Uscreen also provides an increased sales conversion which is really profitable for the content creators. Uscreen unlike other video publishing platform gives a complete platform over the content creators and allows them to decide the prices. The website also allows the user to save the videos offline and gives them an ease of access. If you are a video content creator and looking for a way to monetize it then this place is perfect for you.