How To Get US Traffic for Better Conversion Rates

us traffic conversion

us traffic conversion


When we get into the world of blogging, we seek help from many experts in order to get some traffic.But getting traffic as a newbie is kinda difficult after when Β you become an expert you don’t have to worry about traffic, because you know how to bring them right ? πŸ™‚ .Still if you ask an expert “How can I generate US traffic? ” then he doesn’t have much voice.Even if you ask me suddenly I’m also helpless because as an Indian getting US traffic which is converting is not that easy.

Actually getting some good amount of Indian traffic is an easy job for me and yes I can generate a lot within hours, but why the hell I’m seeking for US traffic? Aha! yes US traffic has a lot of benefits.As an Indian I should say I’m not interested in investing much, I mean I’m not interested in throwing out dollars using my credit card to make a purchase on an online store or even a web tool.Suppose if I’m planning to purchase a tool I will not be doing it suddenly, I’ll think for a while and after reading a lot about it I’ll make a purchase.Do you think that US guys are doing the same? Holy shit nananana. πŸ™‚

Actually the US traffic is so converting.Sometimes I’ve experience 1o0% conversion rates and that’s something unimaginable. My experience was totally weird.Actually I wrote an article about one product long ago and after some days when I was checking the daily traffic I came to know that one guy search for that tools review, suddenly I checked my affiliate status and hell yeah I got paid πŸ™‚ Krishna Moorthy submit your W8 Tax form and take your payment πŸ™‚ ah! So here it goes how I did that πŸ™‚


Target US, Ah I mean US Keywords

This part covers almost 50% of your work.Actually finding a potential, US Targeted Β and converting keywords is very difficult and it takes the hell of your time.In that case I use the SEMRush tool to make my job easier.Here It is the guide to grab that kinda keywords.

As I said grabbing the best keyword takes time, here I’ve found one keyword (quite famous) which is having a low Indian search but the US search is high.Considering that kinda keywords helps in getting good conversions rates around 20% and Β it depends on your product πŸ™‚ .

Keyword : Affiliate Marketing ( US Search ) / Adsense CPC : $3 [SEMRush Report]

us traffic


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Keyword : Affiliate Marketing (Indian Search ) /Adsense CPC : $1 approx [Adwords Report]

us traffic adwords



Just check out both the images I’ve shown above, from that you can understand the real potential of the keyword “affiliate marketing” and if you are ranking for that keyword then the other thingy’s are unimaginable.Suppose if you are ranking for “affiliate marketing” with one of your article then you can indirectly promote some affiliate programs like Wpengine which is paying $50 for each sale from your sub affiliates.So its a great way to make big money.Still finding the keyword is not that easy as you think, for that use your brain πŸ™‚

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Final Verdict

Simple follow this method.

+ Find a Keyword

+ Write an article and Rank it

+ Promote Something on that Article which Is Converting

+ Enjoy the Sales πŸ™‚

Simple! Keep visiting Blogbeatz and do let me know your awesome comments πŸ™‚


  1. Bor great article but I get US traffic in my new site ?
    It’s eassy for your site na not for what my ans

  2. Nice post brother, but it would have been easier if you would have made a list of products that almost all bloggers can promote easily and earn money. Such a post or list would be really beneficial for all of us!

  3. Again an awesome post by you Mr. Krishna Moorthy D. But sir SEMRush is a premium service, it will be good if you suggest a free service or another way for bloggers without investment credits like me….

    Waiting for your reply

  4. Hello krishna… nice article… please help me as i m not able to find keywords and target them… i use google keyword planner tool.. frankly speaking i am not able to use it to find keywords.. please help me in this matter.. keep up the good work.. cheers..

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