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Delete all Your Tweets at Once with Tweet Delete

tweet delete

tweet delete

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Twitter is an another famous social media website like facebook covering almost more than a billion users and countless number of tweets tweeted everyday by billions of people.We all use twitter to share our experience with tweets and we all generate tweets  using some Hashtags also.What if some one want to delete all of their tweets? If I’m asking you to delete all your tweets at once can you do it? No with the current features of Twitter but Yes, with the tool tweet delete .

Tweet delete is a tool which helps us to delete all our tweets which we tweeted from the beginning.They are running a free service where you can connect your twitter account with their service and delete all your tweets or a certain amount of tweets you tweeted according to time periods.Don’t worry about this free service because its trust worthy and safe to use.So here I’ll be guiding you how to delete all your tweets with the help of tweet delete.

Here it goes How to Delete all your tweets at once with Tweet Delete

1.Go to the website Tweet Delete and just make a roam around the website to analyse the websites.Read everything and get to know about the website very well.If you don’t have time just leave it and do what I’m saying 🙂


Tweet Delete


Home Page of  Tweet Delete 

2. So you’re at the home page of tweet delete and now it’s time for a sign up.You can see a sign in with twitter button click on that and sign in with your twitter account so that they can easily clear all your tweets.Don’t worry about the safety because they are using the twitter API and you are safe.

Tweet delete sign up

Sign In Option from Twitter

3.Now you have to click on authorize app so that twitter can give access to Tweet delete to delete your tweets.Now you’ll be redirected to Tweet delete interface to set the time interval to delete your tweets or an option whether you can delete all your tweets at once . Do check all the options to understand more about deleting your tweets.If you want to delete tweets of a certain time period then select the time period like 1 month or 2 months to delete tweets or select the option as per your needs and choice.

tweet delete time

4.Now after analyzing and thinking about which tweets and tweets of what time period you want to delete click the Activate Tweet Delete button, so that they can do the remaining job.Here the tweet delete will play its game safely and they’ll work like a bot according to your commands.The tweets will be easily deleted automatically according to the time period you set.If you want to know more about them visit the “FAQ” and get your answer.

Final Words

I hope all your issues you were searching off is done and nothing more exists right? Yeah! now you know how to delete all your tweets at once and its time to delete your tweets accordingly.So If you have any doubts please let me know and keep visiting Blogbeatz


  1. Oh..Is it tweetdelete to delete all Tweets ..Didnt know about this previously. Will make a note and use it in future if required.Thanks for sharing this

  2. Hello Krishna,

    I am using the same tool. This is cool, it just need a few seconds to delete all of your account tweets. Now matter how much tweets is. 😀


  3. Hi Moorthy,

    Nice tips there.. At least the tools for tweet delete would be of great use to most of us..

    Thanks for the share anyway 🙂

  4. Really nice article krishna because most of people use social exchange networks for increase followers and likes and as you know in social exchange site you also want to retweet, follow other persons for get some points. This article is really helpful for me.

    Thank you so much once again

  5. Hey Krishna
    This looks like a pretty good tool but I was wondering why would someone decide to delete all his/her tweets 😉

  6. Hi bro,nice post.Have to use that tool very soon.Thanks for share.

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