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Traffic Guide : The Real Beauty of Small Traffic

Traffic has a beauty, it’s the beauty of your users, it’s the beauty of your blog’s reputation, it’s the beauty of a writer’s journey. Getting traffic to your blog is as important as writing articles. If you go deep into it, you’ll understand the real meaning of traffic, it’s all about the readers and their trust.


The real beauty lies in converting your traffic to hearts.



Readers are the most important thing in your blog, if you don’t want any readers then you can write your stuff on a piece of paper and stick it on your wall. But, if you want to make a wonderful blog, then probably all you need is readers.

There are different types of traffic, you can get the organic traffic from search engines, you can get social traffic from social media sites and you can also get traffic by helping others. As far as I know, getting traffic by helping others gives a lot of satisfaction and the quality is high. The fact is that if you’re concentrating on that traffic by helping others then probably the amount of traffic is going to be very minimal. According to me, this minimal amount of traffic is seriously a big thing which got a lot of advantages. I’ve seen many bloggers who are running behind bulk traffic, let me tell you one thing frankly that getting untargeted bulk traffic is super easy. This bulk shit don’t make any values at all, spammy traffic is going to be the worst traffic ever but yea you may make a good amount of money, but it got no value at all.

PS: I’m not saying this to hurt any spammers or bloggers, but real blogging is not spamming!


I used to write articles based on questions raised to me by some of the newbies, that was one of the important methods of finding article ideas I’ve ever discovered. I listen to their problem, I find out the solution and finally I end up writing an article in detail pointing to that particular problem. 80% of the times, these articles will bring a huge amount of traffic to my blog. Last day I wrote an article about OnPage SEO guide because one of my friends was asking me doubts about OnPage SEO.

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Just like that, I used to roam around some online forums and platforms like Quora and It seems like many people’s are facing a lot of problems here and there with their life, career and even some technical stuff. Well, solving their problems doesn’t seem to be a big deal too. A 2 hours research will do, to find out the solution of their problem, you can find it yourself and post it on the blog, finally drop that link as the answer to the question.

Trust me, the conversion rate of this minimal traffic is more than 80% 😉

Don’t consider this as a link building method, so don’t spam and provide some value in your content. Spamming will make you money, but readers trust will make you satisfied 🙂 Something is more important than money, you know.

The Cute Guide

The traffic you get out of helping others is very minimal and this guide will teach you how to gain those minimal traffic with the best benefits. The best methods are using some online forums and platforms like Quora, so

Social Media 

Social media sites are a great way of collecting this priceless information, you can check those active groups, your friends and some of the comments as well. A good majority of your upcoming readers are posting their problems on facebook and other social media networks. They use the most active groups and they even comment their problems on other posts. All you can do is find these problems, ask them more details about the problem and finally write an article explaining the solution.

He/She will be damn happy to read that article and 80% of them will end up subscribing your blog or liking your page or purchasing something which you’re recommending. Many of them will be facing the same issue and you can get their attention too.


Quora is one of the best stuff available out there to collect this kinda information. Quora is the place to ask your questions and get them answered with the best available answer out there. Quora is neat and clean with super quality policies. I’m not so active in Quora, but I was, currently I’m handling 2 to 3 projects which is affecting my time schedules to use Quora. You can see a lot of people’s asking their problems in quora and you can surely share your content with them for good traffic. You might get amazing traffic or very low traffic, but the conversion rate will be high as because you’re getting perfectly targeted traffic. Here’s a small statistic of my quora views. I’m here (Quora) 😀



Your readers might be interested in asking you some questions, so make space for it and do collect their questions. A deep question may take some time to find out a solution, but I’m sure that a good majority of the people’s are asking simple questions. So it’s not going to be a big deal for you!

Conversion Rate

The traffic which you’re getting from this kinda sources is really targeted and pure in quality. You can surely get more subscribers and followers to your blog through this method. Basically by getting organic traffic, you’ll be solving doubts of millions but those people’s are complete strangers for us and we cannot connect with each and every one of them, so the chance of getting into their hearts is less. But in this type of traffic, you can easily reach into millions of hearts and make them a daily reader of your blog with ease. Make sure you write good content for them and please don’t irritate them with ads and spams. Well, if you’re so concerned about making money, then let me say one thing frankly.

60% of my income from blogging comes from this kinda traffic sources 😉 and just like I said, the conversion rate is damn too high.


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    Krishna Moorthy

    Very nice post. Thanks for posting.

  2. Hey,

    Krishna Moorthy

    Very nice post. Thanks for posting.

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