Top 3 Best Buy headsets in 2013 Specs and Features

bestbuy headsets

Music is something which we hear everyday to feel free and release all the stress and tension we make, so that everyone is
Interested to hear music. But what if you are hearing the song not in the way it meant to be heard. Every song in the world
Has its own way of hearing but what’s the condition of us, we are just hearing it and having some feelings which are
Limited by the headsets. So by reading this post you can easily break the limitations.

Here Iam going to Review the top 5 Best buy Headsets available in the 2013 market, ofcourse there are many other super
Headsets available than these but the difference is that these ones are affordable to buy.

So Go through

+ Beats by Dr.Dre Solo HD

bestbuy beats

 If you know this company then the further words are much self explanatory, but I am saying for the people who doesn’t know
About beats. Beats by Dr.Dre is the world’s No:1 Headset Manufacturer and They have a lot of best buy headsets with them the
Only problem with beats is that they are a bit expensive but they are totally worth it for the money you spend up on it.
If you would like buy a headset which delivers high clarity, style and proud Beats is the right pick for you.

Rather than headphones they have a Headset called Solo which comes around Rs.16000 in the Indian market but it delivers
The maximum clarity you can ever imagine.

Solo HD By Beats

Sound Clarity: The best ever
Looks            : Stunning looks
MockByte Rank : 1
Wired          : Yes (1 wired)
Price            : Rs.16000

+ SkullCandy Hesh 2

Best buy hesh 2

Skullcandy is the world No: 2 and they also deliver a good quality sound. The Hesh 2 from skullcandy is the ever famous one
from skullcandy.Even skullcandy has many other affordable and super headsets at a bestbuy rate.The looks are good and they
are a bit large just like a Dj headset.If you are looking for a stylish Headset at a Bestbuy rate a clarity Hesh is the
right one for you.

Skullcandy Hesh 2

Sound Clarity : Very Good(Bass & all)
Looks          : Stylish Looks
MockByte Rank : 2
Wired         : Yes (2 wired)
Price           : Rs.4500-5000

+ Skullcandy Uprock

Best buy uprock

Skullcandy uprock is an affordable headset and it is bestbuy one. This one delivers the actual quality of sound and the
skullcandy calls that “Supreme sound” actually what they meant by supreme sound is that you will hearing the music in the
way you meant to be heard.Bass,Treble and All other things are at the correct level (Not more not less).The natural vocals
are delivering a decent clarity to the user. Personally I am using this gadget.

Skullcandy Uprock

Sound Clarity : Good For Supreme sound
Looks             : Medium
MockByte Rank : 3
Wired       : Yes (2 wired)
Price         : Rs.2000-2500

So these are the top 3 bestbuy headsets in 2013 market and I hope you buy one if you are about to buy other headset comment
Underneath this post and we will clear your doubts.So, Happy Hearing

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  1. Its a great headset and its voice frequency is also too much great.
    Wireless Headsets

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