Top 25 SEO Interview Questions You May Face

seo interview questions

seo interview questions



SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important department on the web and the most important area of Internet Marketing.Grabbing an SEO Intern or an SEO expert for your company is difficult according to my knowledge.I’ve seen many SEO experts working for 20k to 30k INR a month.When I see peoples working hard like this and when the company calls them SEO Expert , a question comes to my brain with a question ๐Ÿ™‚ If he’s a real SEO expert he’ll be making more than 50k INR from his comfort zone, then why the hell he’s working here for 20-30k INR a month? seriously I couldn’t get the answer for this but on the other hand I’ve noticed that these SEO experts doesn’t even know what is “Link Juice” ๐Ÿ˜› .

I’ve been working on SEO field since 2 years and I should “If an SEO expert is working for your company for a 20k salary – Be Suspicious about his SEO talent” ๐Ÿ™‚ simple.This message is for companies.Surely this post will help both companies and SEO guys to answer and ask “questions”.Well you’ve to find the answers for this questions because if I start typing the answers, this post will become an e-Book.I’d suggest you to google those things and learn from it.If its too hard to learn, do ping me through the contact page I’ll get back to you with the answers ๐Ÿ™‚


SEO Questions

1. What is SEO in 2015?

2. Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO which one you choose?

3. Difference between backlinks and Internal links?

4. What you know about Indexing something?

5. Which algorithm from Google concentrate on spammers?

6. What was the last Google algo update?

7. Explain Panda 4.0 (or the latest)

8. Meta tags are important these days?

9. Suppose if we give you a site to analyze for SEO, which part you concentrate first?

10. Who are crawlers? are they single or married? explain them.

11. There is a guy in the Google web spam team who talk bull shit, name the guy?

12. You optimize for Google alone or all search engines?

13. If I give you $20, which SEO tool you buy?

14. What is Link Juice explain them?

15. We have 1000 backlinks out of that 300 links are high quality ones and 700 ones are bad quality ones, what shall we do now?

16. There are two websites, the Site A has DA 32 PA 38 and PR4 and alexa 700k on the other hand Site B has DA 28 PA 32 alexa 21k ? which one you choose for our link building campaign?

17. If we ask you to stuff keywords, will you be doing that?

18. Mashable liked our article and they are asking us to host our article on theirs by giving a credit link, what you’ve to say on this ?

19. Content quality = good grammar? comment on this

20. We need to rank our website for the keyword “villas” with 2 days? how will you do that?

21. I’m giving 3k INR SEO budget for ranking the keyword “villa”. What you’ve to say on this?

22. Any limit for interlinking? any limit for building backlinks?

23. I’ve a website with no content, can you rank it for top keywords?

24. Explain the complete procedure to recover from Google penalty?

25. Analyze this website and give me a report with future betterment strategy.

These are the few questions I developed with my brain with my practical experience and if someone can answer this, I’m sure he can make some changes for your company in terms of SEO ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck and keep visiting Blogbeatz


  1. It would be great if you have answer for this question (Quick Tip tell the answers in a new post as a 2nd part)

  2. For sure the white hat SEO is the best because is search engine friendly unlike the black hat where you may end up losing every thing after your hard work.

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