not a very big fan of blogging tools. I promote them to make money, it’s a very good business. You write about a product and make money with affiliate marketing.


I’ll share few tools which helped me excel in blogging. I’d love to recommend,


One of the most trusted and precise search engine analyzer and competitor analyzer I’ve ever tried. A bit expensive, but worth the money you spent. Only recommended for professional bloggers making money out of blogging.

Maybe you could give it a try (trial) and let me know if it sucks!


Give this tool a try, because it’s totally worth every dime you pay. I’ve used their Kwfinder, serpwatcher and serpchecker and a small package would be needed to get started with three of these beautiful and productive tools.

Try it and let me know if they suck!


blogbeatz. is running on FlexiCloud server which is located in Germany and managed by Vinod (+91 93885 58757). I’m highly recommending their service because I love the performance of the server, the management, and support from Vinod and his team. Simply beautiful!


Canva is the best photo editing and creating tool online. I’m a big fan of canva because of its layout collections and simplicity in creating graphics for blog posts and social media. You should give it a try and let me know if it sucks (It probably won’t).


Flaticon has the best resources on the planet. It’s totally free but make sure you put a credit like this. I’ve been using their service for very long and I totally love each and every graphics icon I download. Kudos to the designers.


Giphy is pretty like the social media of GIF files. You could upload your video and convert it to GIF file with Giphy. I use Giphy to compress video without compromising quality, you could simply download the source file after uploading the video file to Giphy. It could convert a 10MB video to 485 KB  (without sound) and that’s pretty awesome (for bloggers).


A simple and beautiful little image compressing tool. It’s so helpful and does the job beautiful without compromising the quality of the images. It’s totally recommended.


Payoneer is a very good platform to receive payments from clients and affiliate programs like Amazon. Payoneer plays a very important role in my freelance life.  It’s one of the best payment solutions out. Read Payoneer vs PayPal.


I use a free tool called litmus to make beautiful and simple email marketing templates. They have a beautiful interface and code editing space to customize their templates, let me know if they suck.


The copyright free images which I’ve used on my blog posts are from pexels are other royalty free stock photography services. Their collection is great, give it a look.


Simple and easy to use tool to track your heatmaps, screen recordings, customer feedbacks etc. It’s kinda more than heatmap analytics, I love it. Give it a try and let me know if it sucks so badly (I know it won’t).


more.. coming soon!