No matter how your DNA is wired, every single blogger out there in this universe who use WordPress is always attracted to beautiful WordPress themes.

In fact, people like me keep on changing their blog design and end up customising something as black and white as this blog is.

But finding a theme is difficult at times, most people clear out the credits part (which could be easily removed by editing the footer code) and most people wouldn’t really want to give credits.

I’ve given the credits to Anders Noren in the about section of this blog, and I don’t mind if people are using this theme on their blog. But make sure you give the credit (value the work).

How to find the theme?

A very popular question within the group of bloggers and the answer is just a googling away.

Though I’d just link the website below.


It’s a beautiful website developed by WPBeginner (you know them right). It tells you whether the blog or website is using WordPress and the theme data, plugins used inside the blog (not really a plugin detector, but kind of yea).



This website solved my problem and It works like a charm.

They also give some detail about the theme and the plugins. They’ve also written articles about the plugins (reviews to promote it).  Altogether I just fell in love with this micro-niche blog and theme detector service.

detail wordpress

It’s 100% free to use.

Well, that’s more than enough to find out your favorite theme and start using it.  Also, you’ll find charming themes in Themeforest which is my favorite marketplace.

Let me know your experience with the service. I believe that there is 95% chance of finding the name of the theme you really wanted to know. Hope that helps!


December 18, 2017

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