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The Multi-Tasking mantra from Pradeep Kumar


Multi-tasking is kind of a big deal. Multi-tasking is a beautiful skill which surely improves your productivity and money making ability as well 😛 . But multi-tasking skill cannot be achieved easily, you need to work harder and harder and you need to experience a lot to attain that skill. There is a mantra for everything, let’s go deep into the multi-tasking mantra this time.

Look at that multi-tasking face, he’s wearing a tee shirt with an overcoat and he’s trying not to smile with a perfectly combed hair and he’s posing to the picture perfectly with his spectacles, I’m sure he’s going to be the right guy to talk about some multi-tasking mantra 😉 😛 .

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar is a reputed blogger, digital marketer and he’s managing more than 5 communities at the same time under the blog network “Slashsquare“. You might have heard of Moviesdrop, Photovity, FoodGravy, DeviceBar, HellBound Bloggers, etc and the guy behind all these stuff is right above this headline.

Pradeep is perfectly managing all these communities and the blogs with amazing engagements. I’ve always wondered how he’s managing these communities altogether. He might have some team behind to manage the blog content etc, but I think he’s managing the social media handles by himself. As far as I know, he’s the craziest multi-tasker I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m glad to feature him on my blog by asking few questions. He’s currently residing in Chennai.

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The Mantra!

#1 What is your mantra of multitasking? 

I think there is only one mantra for me – “Avoid Distractions”. Never ever deviate from your main task, like disable unwanted phone notifications, close unwanted tabs, and I mostly use an earphone, so that I can keep myself surrounded by music and nothing else. These are the important things one should keep in mind. Apart from this, if you are passionate about what you are doing, let it be one thing or two things or so on, you’ll love to do them without seeing them as ‘work’, so you’ll do it without even knowing that you are doing it.

#2 How far you change your schedules?

I usually work at night, but trust me, I badly want to change this. I prefer night time for work because I have no one to disturb me or even if I want to go out, I practically can’t. But for health and other issues, I’m planning to sleep at 11:00 pm and wake up at5:00 am, will implement this very soon.


#3 How can you have this kind of patience?

I can think of only one reason because I’m doing what I love. I’m not working for anyone else, whatever I do, whatever I share, etc., they are something I personally (from my heart) wanted to express. Moreover, I love all the members and people in my circle, they are the backbone of whatever I do, without their support and interaction, I wouldn’t be able to continue my work like this. <3

#4 What do you do, when you get frustrated due to multi-tasking?

It’s simple, I just take a break. I usually go out for a walk, or even wash my face, take a bath, something that refreshes me. I rarely get frustrated, but I do have some personal problems, so my mind gets distracted easily. I badly wish I have a pet with me, I’m sure it’ll help me to be calm and focused.

#5 What is driving you to start a new thing every time?

I think it’s very hard to explain, to be honest. Yes, I do start something I passionately love, but when I start it or why I start it, is something very difficult to answer. I started BookWritten when I wanted to read/explore more books, and even I wanted to become an author.. like, I have so many reasons to start a brand. But whatever the reasons be, I’m sure, whatever I start, I make sure it becomes a valuable community for sharing and learning information.

#6 How do you find attractive contents to share on social media sites?

I browse a lot. Or I read a lot. Whenever I find something awesome and it is related to one of the brands I own, I automatically save it and use it later. It’s as simple as that.


#7 How can you do multi-tasking even with a broken heart? Because you’re always blocked by her 🙁 

LOL. Haha.. okay.. the thing is.. a friend of mine (girl) used to block me regularly, she does things like these whenever she is angry or annoyed or whenever I’m right and she is wrong. She is a good friend of mine and 80% of the *BLOCKED* jokes are already implemented with her. 😛 Rest 20% are just random statuses.

I’m 24 years old now, and it doesn’t really matter how old I become, I always share such jokes and stuff, it helps me to become normal and get connected with as many people as possible from my Social Media circle. I love connecting with people. And yes, it doesn’t affect my multi-tasking in any way. 😛

Final Verdict

I think you got amazed right? Well, me either 😀 . His multi-tasking talent is amazing and we all have something to learn from him. Thanks a lot, Pradeep Kumar for investing some of your time with us and we are glad that you’re here to share some crazy tips. Hope you won’t be getting blocked again. 🙁




  1. Great man! Handling so many sites perfectly is not easy.

  2. Loved reading it. It was great knowing behind the scene of his work.

  3. BraveHeart

    Two words to describe his multitasking skills : CONSISTENTLY IMPRESSIVE! 🙂

  4. I am glad to read more about Pradeep here, Thanks for sharing this. I love his mantras on multitasking 🙂

  5. I follow his all blogs and he is doing best in all that topics. All of these I like most Photovity and FoodGravy, because my passion is photography and simply eating delicious foods.

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