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How to Tag Your Facebook Profile in the Articles you share?

facebook article tagging

facebook article tagging



Facebook has released a new feature which finds out the author of an article and share his/her profile details within the shared link on our timeline or on a page. Basically the first thing we do after publishing an article is sharing it on social media websites like facebook, twitter etc.

Facebook and twitter etc can be used a press release platform for blogs to let you followers, friends and family know about your new blog post. It also helps you to generate good amount of traffic depending on the quality of your content. Apart from search engine traffic and refferal or direct traffic, the traffic from social media can surely help you increase your authority. Facebook’s new feature will surely help you build your authority easily. The new feature will let you know the details of the author of an article like in the image shown above!

Setting this up is easy as eating an apple and every author should seriously do this simple step on their WordPress blog to increase their authority! The advantage will be so high that your name is spreading everywhere. Especially when it comes to an article which is potential enough to go viral.

Do this!

Step 1 : Go to your Facebook Profile and Copy the URL

Step 2 : Login to your blog’s WordPress dashboard and click on your name (right top corner)

Step 3 :  Paste the URL you copied right here



Step 4 : Thanks for reading!

That’s it, now share the articles you wrote under your blog’s wordpress account and the article will be shared with your name tagged with it. I tried this out and it worked, you try this out and let me know whether I made you happy or not! But don’t forget to share this and help your friends if you became happy 🙂

Feel free to ask doubts!



  1. Krishna Moorthy D very informative and useful article. Looking forward to see more posts like this.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. facebook always update their API and features….

  3. Hi Krishna,

    Yeah its working! Thank you for your lovely article. I have been worried about this problem for a long time. I tried number of ways but nothing got succeeded. Well Thank you.

  4. Very simple but useful. I will do for my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yeah . Thanks now it will be my another post .
    Regards : Shantanu

  6. simple and helpful krishna

  7. Hi Krishna,

    How to do it in Blogger?

    Jatin Arora

  8. Thanks a lot for the informative article. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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