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Coooo…!Thats a similar doubt.?!!!  I known that one day you will come here to to check out how to spend your valuable pennies..

Laptop or Tablet

So, what Attracts your Money  Is that a Tablet..||..Laptop..??!!

You may have seen in many sites that a tablet cost around Rs.30000($545) and thats near to the rate of a laptop right..,But in your case what should you do or which one you choose.,

The Question Remains the Same…

But Dont Worry the Answer is here..

Answer : “It Depends”..

Hassle to see such a strange answer..?Yes Ofcourse you may…

Actually the answer describes it all.,its your needs and the way you use depends ..

For that follow the Steps.

1) The 5 Important Diffrences between a tablet and LapTop Is given below read carefully

+ The Browsing experience you cannot get the complete browsing experience in tablet like your laptop.
  Many of the sites mobile versions are only available to view in tablet.,But in a laptop the browsing experience is Awesome

+ If you are programmer and planning to do your programs in tablet…I reccommend you to buy a laptop.
  Becuase in Tablet Programming cannot be done easily and it is very difficult and the other reason is the keyboard which is self understood

+ Installation of Softwares is not available in a Tablet even though there is AppStore You may not find all the apps you need and if they are found may be it wont support your tablet(Depends u on the model)
  But In Laptop Nothing to Worry All in one hand

+ Keyboard And Sreen..? Much Self Explanatory ..Tablet Maximum Screen Size 11″ and For a Laptop Minimum 15″ Right.
  Keyboard You Know Nothing to Say

+ Folder accessibility is bit more easier in LapTop than A Tablet
  Multitasking Is not possible on every tablet ,,only the high level tablets from samsung offer multitasking feature
  But in Laptop Multitasking is everything

And Now with the Help of the Above Diffrence

Tablet Is for :

Those who have very rough use and users having to complete works on the Go tablet is the right pick…”Only if ” You do not have any problem with the above Diffrences

Laptop Is for :

Those who have a normal use and users having to complete work in super and completed way Laptop is the right pick…”Only if ” You do not have any problem with the above Diffrences.

So Whats you are planning to Buy A Tablet or Laptop

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