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Experience with Sleep for 71 Days – Perfect Cure!

They call us dreamers, but we are the ones who don’t sleep – Anonymous

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs should not sleep, they should work all the time like a workaholic. Entrepreneurs spent their time working while others are sleeping. All I can say is “Bullshit”. We people have the wrong mentality about sleep, if you go out there and ask the successful entrepreneurs about their sleep, they’ll proudly say 7-8 hours

Sleep is the most important thing which every human being needs, just like eating, just like exercising and just like working, you’ve to sleep 7-8 hours a day if you’re an adult. After reading a lot of quotes, after acquiring loads of inspiration and motivation, I started hating sleep. I was just thinking like everyone else,

Life is too short, we should work harder avoiding sleep so that we can enjoy later – Bullshit!

Results ?

I decided not to sleep too much, so I planned my works accordingly and most of my working hours were around 10PM to 3AM and then I’ll go to sleep at 3:30AM to 6AM and then back to work till 8AM. How beautiful, I started becoming productive, I started working like a pro, I started getting results and I started becoming a weirdo!

  1. a person whose dress or behaviour seems strange or eccentric.
    “the streets are dangerous and there are too many weirdos around”
  • I started becoming weak, I couldn’t really handle myself at times.
  • I started becoming crazy within my family.
  • I started thinking like a weirdo.
  • I used to become very angry,  without even understanding the problem.
  • Continous ultra weird mood swings.
  • Finally started experiencing memory loss 🙂 beautiful isn’t it?

I started losing control over myself, I started forgetting things very easily, one day I ate a lot from a coffee shop and forgot to pay the bill. Thank god, I knew the owner of the coffee shop. So I started thinking about the problems I was facing, finally, I just decided to take a deep sleep without taking much work stress.

After talking with few of my friends who really sleep well (in fact they oversleep) also watching a bunch of YouTube videos and reading a lot of sleep articles, I came to know the real importance of sleep. So I decided to schedule my works differently so that I could manage to sleep around 7-8 hours which is the right amount of sleep. One of my target behind the sleep experiment was to write an article like this which will help you guys (especially bloggers and entrepreneurs) to become more healthy and productive. So here’s the result of my 71 days sleep experiment.


Tracked using Mi Band (Xioami) Perfect sleep tracking 🙂

 The 71 days of perfect 7-8 hours sleep with the right amount of light sleep and deep sleep just helped me get rid of all the major problems I’ve faced. The worst problem due to lack of sleep was “weird thoughts” and “memory loss”. You cannot just rid of this stuff easily and the shitty thing called mood swing will spice up the entire business .

This simple video will help you understand everything. 

Principles of Sleep – Work Combo

Of course, we cannot stop working just because of sleep. I still work more and more with the right amount of sleep. I achieved this after scheduling and organizing my work by cutting down the distraction time. So the first step is to set a time for sleeping.

12 AM to 7Am or 10PM to 5AM

One of the most effective time to sleep is from 10 to 5 or 12 to 7 because you’ll get the right 7 hours of sleep with the perfect amount of deep sleep and light sleep. Also, you can work until 12 and work from 7. So in this case you don’t have to worry about sleep or work because you have an organized sleep now. Now I’m on the 12-7 deal but I’m joining to 10-5 club from tomorrow. I’m 100% sure that some days I’ve to compromise the schedule, but  I’ll have another option which is 12 to 7, so I think 10 to 5 is the most flexible time for me. My experience with 12 to 7 was really good. In fact one day I achieved a straight 12 to 7 sharp sleep 😀

Perfect Sleep, Perfect Day

Especially if you do business offline or if you meet a lot of people every day, then sleep is really important. I meet few people every day, I go for meetings so the right amount of sleep is very important for me to perform well in the offline business deals. Especially I noticed that I’m more confident and productive after getting the right sleep, rather than being tired and weird without sleep.

Sleep, but don’t oversleep!

Oversleeping is not good for health and wealth. Oversleeping will result in bad health conditions and will also result in low productivity which will ditch your wealth.  So get the right amount of sleep, work harder and then go to sleep , repeat. Afterall all we need is success and lessons in life, so a perfect combination of work, health and sleep will help you enjoy your goals, otherwise you’ll be in the hospital reading your success story 😛 .

This article is written after experiments and days of hard work (Sleep 😛 ). It’s your wish whether to make use of it or not. I’m just sharing the things I know, I’ll do the same until I leave this place 🙂 




  1. Hi Krishna ! Great Write up. My deep sleep are always between 30-50 minutes. Even i sleep at 10:00 PM to wake up at 6:00 AM. I am using MI band to track my sleeps.

  2. Hi,

    It’s a very good write up Krishna. Enjoyed reading it. Sleep is very essential and for me, the best method to apply is to never think of any idea or work just before going to sleep. I bet you will loose your sleep then. My personal way of doing is to enjoy a light-hearted program, video or a movie just before going to sleep. Off course work has to be done so what I do is, I write down my ideas and plans by 9.30P.M for my next day and then completely shut off my mind from that. The next day early morning exactly at 5.30A.M, when I wake up the first thing I read is what I have written down and that’s the time when my thinking starts. That’s the start of my day and after that, it’s all action in the mind till the next note at 9.30P.M

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