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Shopping Online? Here Are 5 Useful Tips Worth Reading


We have recently asked online users in many forums about the things they are worried about while shopping online. Although, we knew we are going to see the near universal answers like – safety, delivery time, quality and price, we have asked this question to understand online users better. These are some concerns that we hear from most online shoppers yet they are unsolved.


In this article, you will read on some useful tips that address common shopping problems and how to overcome them eventually. Since these concerns are so common, we’d like to remind users of the fact that:

Those who say money can’t buy HAPPINESS; they simply don’t know the right shops!

Let’s emphasize that:

1. Find the right shops

We sure, not many of you know what is the best site to shop for particular products. For example, if you’re buying something that is into electronics category. Finding the right shops become pretty much easier if you consider those leading shops that sell electronics. Rather than buying from a store that entered into the market very recently. Chances that if you shop at big stores that’re quite familiar with electronics – you could get a chance to grab additional discounts on it, while you may not find such benefits in not-so-big online stores.

2. Auto save setup

Be extra careful with auto save details of your credit card, debit cards or net banking passwords on sites. Use such “save your card” feature when you pay on sites that are reliable and trustworthy. However, this feature comes with its own advantages – like you can shop, pay postpaid recharge using your saved cards. Make sure you take advantage of such really useful feature on a authenticated sites like Paytm , Snapdeal, Flipkart, Jabong, Pepperfry and more. Tip: Manage all your saved cards wisely, check your transaction history from the respective bank and be very sure to remove a card details in case if you suspect any fraudulent practice and get it to your bank’s notice ASAP.

3. Privacy policy

Many users turn to be ignorant when it comes to reading out terms and conditions, privacy policy of a website. But this is very important to understand what a company does with your personal data and how does it uses your data. Before you give a cursory look at terms of a website and agreed to it, ensure your personal data can’t be sold by the company to any third parties.

4. Change your passwords

We can understand your pain of changing passwords regularly on all your major accounts that you use. And nevertheless to say the trouble it throws eventually – remembering the new passwords. But, changing passwords is something very significant and is a must if you want to keep your information – both personal and financial (bank account details) safe while shopping online.

5. Say NO to public wi-fi

It’s just not no, it’s actually a BIG-NO. Because, anytime you use unreliable public wi-fi to shop. The confidential data that you enter in an online site could be picked up by hackers and it might make you vulnerable.


  1. Great tips Krishna! It’s really some useful tips for new shoppers who are opting to buy anything online these days 🙂

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  3. Thank you for providing this valuable information. These tips will help us shop safely. Keep up your good work.

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