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How to make $2k a month with ShareASale (2 methods)

ShareASale is an affiliate network which is quite famous within the Internet marketers and online products. ShareASale actually do give a certain amount of “Share” for every “Sale” you make with them. If you know about affiliate marketing then probably you’ll know about ShareASale and how it works. Well, if you want me explain how ShareASale works then here it goes 🙂

This is how ShareASale Works!

Assume that you’re running a blog with a daily traffic of around 1000. You’re currently managing a blogging niche blog and you can surely try promoting more about hosting stuff and even you can try promoting WpEngine which pays a whopping $200 per sale.

ShareASale will be providing you a unique link to promote WpEngine and hence you can share that link with your followers and you can even post it on your blogs o that you can get some people referred to use WpEngine. When they use or make a payment with your affiliate link, then you’ll get paid.



(How it works)

get started with ShareASale

Step 1 : Go through this link and make a proper sign-up. You need to fill up the correct and perfect data into this forms as because they’re primarily used for the approval of your account. ShareASale is kinda strict with their policies and they wanted to maintain a good quality within their eco-system. Never think about using fake details or fake information. These details are used to make payments in future.

Shareasale- step-1


Step 2 : Wait for the approval, it may take more than 10 days to get approved or even just 24 hours. Everything depends on their timing and stuff. You can wait for the mail from them. Your site needs to have a pretty good authority to get approved by ShareASale.

Step 3 : Choose your merchants, just after when you’re approved to use ShareASale. Login to ShareASale and choose your merchants. Getting approved by ShareASale doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting approved by all the merchants. Suppose if you’re interesting in promoting WpEngine, then you’ll have to apply for WpEngine from ShareASale. They approve you or may reject you according to their policies.


Step 4 : Take out the links from each merchant, which you’re interested in promoting. Suppose if you’re trying to promote WpEngine then, you’ll have to open their page and click on “View available Creatives”. 





You’ll be getting this kinda unique link with some codes in it. Never try to edit this link as because the same link should be used for tracking purpose. The tracking is completely done through this link. You should not worry about the tracking and all that stuff because I can guarantee you that as per my experience. 🙂

Step 5 : Share this link with your blogger friends or email list or any other methods which you’re using to promote the product. When someone makes a purchase or lead or anything like that with your unique link, then you’ll be earning a fixed amount of money out of that sale.

ShareASale Experience

My experience with ShareASale is awesome. ShareASale has a variety of merchants which we can work perfectly without any problems. The merchants will mail you personally and even they’ll offer you good bonus stuff depending on the company you’re promoting.

The ShareASale support team also takes good care of their customers with all the needs and stuff perfectly crafted into the dashboard. One of the important thing which I noticed as an Indian is that they’re making NEFT payments to your bank directly on every 20th of the month. Their payments are cool and even you can escape from the conversion rate fee and PayPal fee. I’d really love to suggest the NEFT payment method as because it’s convenient like anything for Indians.

You’ll have to fill up some tax stuff and it’s easy as eating an apple. Be careful and follow their policies well, you’ll surely make a good amount of money without putting many efforts. Choosing the right affiliate merchant and promoting it in the right way, will always fetch you money.

Making $2k a month

Method 1

Making $2000 a month with ShareASale is easy as far as I know. Especially, if you’re having a huge audience listening to your blog, then you can even make $20k a month. Take the example of WpEngine.The minimum sale commission for each sale you generate is $200 which is $2000 for 10 sales. But wait, you’ll make $2350 from the 10 sales because they’ve bonus activities. Grabbing 10 sales is going to be easy if you’ve proper audience like I said. You can promote this stuff online through your blogs and social media sites as well without making any investments.

Method 2

Make some investments in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to get good returns. Invest your money with the right targeting, so that you can surely enjoy good returns. You don’t need a blog for this, just create a landing page (Important) and link it with your affiliate link. Promote it with the right audience and you’ll surely make good conversions. I’ve tried both the methods and guess what?

Both worked! So why not yours 🙂 ? Ask me anything and I’ll reply you with all the support. Getting started with ShareASale is easy! This is not just a review but it also includes my personal experience.



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