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Look that man working hard to pull that up! why the hell is he doing it? For building his muscles and to take the hell out of his muscles.So the let man be you and you’re pulling up your article which is already on SERP but you need to rank  it like damn to take the hell out of your traffic.So last week I tried an experiment with my experiment blogs and here it goes my small experience.

We all write article ,some people write articles focusing on a particular keyword.Suppose if you would like to rank for “How to do this and that” then the first thing you’ll be doing is writing an article and waiting for it to index to see that stuff on SERP.Whoa! Great my article is ranking on google but its on the 3rd page anyways its fine I did it! Hurrey~ let me share this screenshot of facebook.A message to all my friends who have done this “Congratulation” because you’re starting with SEO, even I started like this.So you’re ranking on the 3rd page or may be the 7th position on the first page but what’s happening none of them are clicking your article.Dude total disappointment ! Shall I share it on facebook No!!! but why?? My mentor said not to do! Oh Crap anyways let’s work on pulling up the article in SERP.

Aha! Kinda brainy right! ahah anyway last week I targeted a keyword and wrote an article about that keyword and it ranked on the 2nd page and finally after doing some small stuffs it reached the 1st page 3rd position.So I’ll share how I did that..


Don’t Mind Editing the Article

When I say you to edit your article! It’s something weird right? OMG! I wrote the article and editing its kinda weird.But never feel weird in editing article.If you can get some good search traffic after editing the article then its not a problem,so don’t mind editing the article ,title and content.Never ever edit the permalink of your article. The reason is that your article may be lacking some keyword consistency or some small problem with the article structure.So make it up and resubmit the sitemap.In my case the problem was with title and keyword consistency in that case I changed it 🙂

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Link Building

I still believe this topic really made a big pull to my article in SERP.Actually when I analyzed the competitors of that keyword I came to know that most of the ranking articles is having 5-10 backlinks.So the reason behind lack of ranking is due to backlinks.So I decided to build backlinks.I wrote some guest articles on some good blogs and passed the link juice perfectly.I just build 3 backlinks to rank that article.I made my second experiment (Link Juice) with that link building method and finally came to know its importance.If you are building backlinks don’t just build links to homepage.Try to build some links which is reffering to your article naturally.I’m damn sure it’s gonna help like anything and you can rank the article easily with this method.

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Content Value’s the Most

Content is the King! So if your content is good and explanatory then ranking is easy.Google crawlers are not humans but according to developers brain they’ve developed an amazing crawler and some cool algorithm’s which give more value to the content.You can always see WikiHow when you google How to and How to but why WikiHow is always ranking? I think the owner of wikihow is wandering the world wide web for backlinks ahah lol! He’s doing nothing and google knows if you are searching for a How To Guide “Wiki How” has the answer google really know that.So write your content perfectly.If you satisfy your readers then you make google happy.

So guys I hope you leanred something today and feel free to ask your doubts.Let me know your thoughts 🙂 Have a Great Day and Keep visiting Blogbeat


  1. Hey Krishna Bro,

    Awesome article at correct time. As you know, i did the same thing when one of my article shown on 1st Page of Google. I just shared it on Facebook with my Friends But never thought to Tale it to 1st or 2nd position.
    Now, with some push on the back by this Article, i will try building some backlinks but one main difficulty i discovered while building backlinks is finding Authority Gust Posting Blogs is not an easy task but still have to do it.

  2. Hello Krishna,

    I am working hard to rank my blog articles top in search engines. Hope my hard work bring good results. Thanks for above tips.

  3. Really nice article Krishna for earns more income Search Engine Traffic is maybe important. Your This Article has really helped for me.

    I read so many article on How to increase SERP but every article is not working perfectly well, After reading your article i am sure its really good and help me to improve my serp.

  4. After lot of changes in Google algorithm now contents and specially text contents are the great way to bring traffic on your blog. That is why we must put all our efforts to develop awesome and cool contents and equally spend time to improve them and chisel them like diamond before publishing. Once the era of quantity has gone now the era of speed in publishing has also gone. Now we must spend much of our quality and productive time in developing cool contents and improving them as much as we can to put them in top of SERP.
    All your tips are really cool and one can make a big change following them. Thanks for sharing such wonderful info.

  5. Yup i agree that most of the methods mentioned above will work. Building backlinks for your new blog post will help you a lot to make it easier to grab the top spots in serp.

  6. Building backlinks to improve serp includes commenting on high PR sites too ??

  7. Commenting on every article on every post only for sake of building more backlinks is good or bad ?

  8. Nice and Informative article…
    But I have one question in my mind that can I edit my permalinks if I think that the automatic generated link is not proper according to the keywords..

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