SEMRush is one of the best tools I’ve ever tried my hands on. Personally, I’ve used the tool for a long time and the results I got out of it was perfectly awesome. Usually, the best thing you can do to manage your search engine analytics is to hire someone and pay them around $200 per month. But, these humans does have a different type of behaviour, we cannot really trust them on their works, we cannot completely rely on them. That’s where I met SEMRush, this tool is one of the best I’ve ever tried and it works 24×7 without taking any off days. Even at public holidays, it helps me analyze the market ­čśŤ .

The cost of this tool is around $70 ($69.95 to be precise), but just understand the fact that SEMrush is doing the job worth $500 to $1000 (if you use it properly) and it works without any kinda trouble, so it’s a complete replacement of an analyst in your office. It saves my time like a boss, the results are damn quick, the super cool user interface and the accurate data from different countries, bunches of other features like CPC analysis and Keyword Difficulty analysis, seriously this tool is helping me a lot and it’s 1000% worth paying $69.95 per month for a pro plan.

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So, here at Blogbeatz, I’ve decided to give my readers a wonderful offer. You get to use $70 worth SEMRush tool for free (trial with all features of pro account). I’ve been recommending this tool since a long time and my readers are damn happy about it. They always message me about it, some people still asks for a trial coupon. This time, I decided to make this coupon public so that anyone can have access to this pro account trail. Just use this SEMRush coupon┬áand you’re done! Just try this tool and let me know your valuable feedback. I’m 99.99% sure that as a webmaster, you’re gonna love it!

Coupon Code : BLOGBEATZ-59L58RSY

Activate Coupon

Using this coupon code is easy, just go to this link and fill in your data. Just add this  coupon code manually if you wanted to do that way, else you can just click on the link under the coupon code and the semrush promo code will be applied automatically. Make sure the page looks kinda similar to this so that you can confirm the offer.


Final Verdict

As I’ve already mentioned, this tool is highly recommended, at least give it a try and cancel the subscription if you didn’t like it, but trust me, you’re gonna love it. Here I’ve made a small video about the SEMrush tool, just watch it to get a small idea or read the detailed in-depth review here to know more about SEMRush.

Let me know if you’re facing any trouble using this coupon code or the within this blog. Also let me know your feedback about this tool in the comments, I’m really excited to see on top of SERP with the help of this tool! ­čÖé