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Revenue Hits Review : Performance Super Heroes

revenue hits

revenue hits

Monetization! This 12 characterized word matters us a lot, I mean we bloggers and internet marketers keep this word in brain all time.While we research, while we read, while we learn, while we experience and all the time we think about finding new monetisation methods to make some money out of our blog or websit,  well we are interested in sharing those monetisation methods too, because that may bring us money.Advertisements, basically ads works the most.Sponsored reviews,direct ad sales are some of the best Monetization methods we know,still they come under the category of ads.Ah let it be,.but we use one network, sorry the world of bloggers and website owners use one network and its none other than the primary income source of millions of web entrepreneurs.The name matches with the name you got into your brain and its “Adsense” the king of ad networks.

We all know the difficulties and advantages of getting adsesne, we’ve seen 1000’s of our friends making millions of bucks with adsense.Some people make too low either and it depends on the work they do.Let’s discuss some of the benefits and  thingy’s behind Revenue hits the performance super heroes.


Revenue hits is going to treat you like a member of their family. What we (Publishers) need? We don’t want our ad units to be free, we want to display some super cool ads on our blogs so that we can make sure our blogs are out of standards. Majority of the ad networks sucks due the geo issue.

The thingy is that they don’t have much ads to display and the worst part? They don’t have ads to show according to your country. I can see ads on your blogs, because I live in India? But what about Indonesia or Brazil? Are they watching the related ads on your blog according to that topic or? Well I doubt. To get more ad conversions you need to show relevant ads, but actually it’s the ad network working with different advertisers preparing their algorithm. These algorithms will play according to the user and the content on your site and hence they show relevant ads and you know what? If they show relevant ads then there is more chance for the user to click on those ads and hence you make money. Well, that’s what we want.

Revenue Hits has a lot of advertisers on track so that you don’t have to worry up on your geo issues. Whatever may be the country, whoever be your user Revenue hits don’t care and they’ll show relevant ads and hence you earn? Why? Because I said more relevant ads more the clicks and more the money.As a publisher you’re provided with a advanced dashboard to check your earnings, to set up your ad slots and even the sizes and category of your ads as well. The control is in your hands, you can do anything because the blog is yours and the things should happen in the way you like.I swear Revenue hits respect that thingy of yours.

There are different types of ad sizes and categories you can juggle on.The CPC and CPM is good and I’m sure you can use Revenue hits for a longtime. The dashboard support is damn too cool and you can check the payment details whenever you want. Its something like Wow, what else you want as a publisher? Well I don’t think there’s need of much option because I’m a blogger too.



Making your marketing campaign active is something like making your company awesome. From the past to the future, ads are leading the marketing campaigns. Its one of the best way to for lead generation and of course sale generation as well. If you got a marketing budget, never miss your opportunity working with Revenue Hits, because you need to enjoy some good profits at the beginning of your company.

Revenue hits got a lot of publishers in their hands to grab a lot of conversions. Your ads will be displayed to the right user and hence a single penny of your ad campaign is worth.Targeting and other mass features are available within the advertiser dashboard of Revenue hits.You can make big profit for sure.Just like the publishers you got complete access of your ad campaign with Revenue hits as well.


Final Verdict

Well, according to me Revenue hits looks super fine and the thingy running behind them is super fine as well.They got some  amazing marketing and ad projecting strategies to help you make a lot of money as a publisher and profits as an advertiser  That’s what we want.


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  5. Currently Em using their pop up ads.. Any way nice review bro…

  6. Nice Review Bro 😀 , Will surely create a Publisher Account.

  7. Awesome Review, tnx for this super catchie article 😛

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  9. hey KRishna
    i know i am late in here but i recently earned a lot by reading this post
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  10. Just came to know about this ad network and I have signed up for this.
    This review is so informative and useful..
    I just have one doubt regarding this, that what should be our traffic to get some decent money from it.?
    Do they prefer US, UK, Canadian traffic more ?

  11. srp

    What is average ecpm for indian traffic from revenue hits.

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