Bounce Rate which defines the percentage of bouncing behaviour of users who are visiting our website. The more time the users spent with our blog, the less bounce rate we attain. Considering all the circumstances, we probably need the best low bounce rate so that it means that our users are getting engaged with the blog.

Infographics? Might help?

Infographics will make us understand the topic which we are discussing more conveniently and comfortably. You can check out this amazing infographics developed by QuickSprout team to let you understand how to reduce bounce rate by more than 40%.


Methods are important

Remove the Ads : Using Adsense ads and infolinks ads are not so much irritating but yes, it irritates users at times. Especially, the ads in between the content surely suck. If your primary source of income from the blog is “ads”, then I don’t want you to remove ads from your blogs. But if your primary income is NOT ADS, then I request you to remove the ads as much as possible. If you’re enabling any other kinda pop-up ads then remove it right away, because you’re losing your readers.

Interlinking: Interlinking articles from your blog will surely lower the bounce rate. The mantra is “ Interlinking the right article with the right title at the right point of time” makes super awesome results to lower your bounce rate.

Comments: If your articles are having good long and meaningful comments, then probably your bounce rate will go down a lot. When the users are comfortable with the blog, they’ll surely spent some time with your blog.

Comfortability: Readability of your blog from both mobile and desktop will surely matter in this case. The more comfortable your users are, the more time they spent with your blog. So, concentrate more on content quality and comfortability.

Paragraphs: No one ever wanted to read a novel on your blog, all they need is information and information shouldn’t be boring. Your articles should be perfectly crafted and your paragraphs should be short enough to make a calm read.

Related Articles: Just like the interlinking thing, you can concentrate on putting the related articles under the article. The users will surely check some of them only if they seem to be interesting. So always right with attractive titles.

Time to share yours!

Just like me, you’ll also have something to share with my readers and me. So shoot your bounce rate decreasing methods in comments and let’s discuss more on it. I’m waiting to reply some interesting comments 🙂