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Save Money with an Effective SEO Campaign : Meet Rankinity




Seo is one of the biggest thingy on the World Wide Web.When companies startup or when they think about online marketing, the first thing that blows up in their mind is search engine marketing.Search engine marketing is too important in the World Wide Web.While starting with Seo of a company or a small startup, majority of the companies will invest some good bucks to do the right seo.According to my experience doing right seo and getting ranks takes time and you have to invest your brain and patience on it.You may have seen some tools for analysing Backlinks and keywords.Basically I use SEMRush and monitor Backlinks to make my seo campaign wonderful and these two tools helps me to make my rank perfect without a single issue and its worth spending bucks on them.

Ranks are the most important thing on seo.We are working on backlinks, content and all other things ? But why ?! It’s just to get some ranks and those ranks will generate mass conversions according to the potentiality.But some seo experts leave out the campaign after getting those ranks and that’s the weirdest thing one can ever do.Basically the rank can change anytime without any notice.Keeping up the position of your website’s SEO status is difficult and the level of difficulty varies according to the competition, but wait., I don’t think there’s a keyword with low competition 😉

According to me a perfect Seo campaign works differently and the structure should be perfect.Firstly the Seo has to analyze the website and on page and onsite stuffs and he have to make them perfect, so that the readers or customers becomes happy and the the guy doing Seo will be happy either.After that the second steps jumps off the cliff with keyword research and off page analysis followed by link building and ranking stuffs.The keywords should be limited and convertible and it should be depended up on the the budget and resources.As the keyboards are limited so the Seo will have to manage ranking them up and hence they will be competitive because its converting.Ranking for those keywords are different but keeping up the position for a long time is too difficult, but doing proper Seo helps in maintaining the conversion and keywords rank as well.But managing these ranks ? And your competitors rank ? Is it possible ?

Meet Rankinity

Rankinity is a position tracking Seo tool, you may have seen many Seo tools regarding link building, keyword research and even link monitoring but have you ever seen an Seo tool with a different kinda job like rank monitoring? I’m sure there are no much Seo tools similar to Rankinity and yes Rankinity is different and unique.let me explain you the features and the pricing specialties of Rankinity.

As I said managing your ranks are diffuclt and the seo should give a big time taking care of those ranks, finding a tool to take care of those ranks + your competitors rank is the difficult thing ever.So now you know about rankinity but not as clearly as I know about it right ? Let me explain.

Rankinity is an seo tool which helps you to track your main keywords and your competitors keywords so that you can make some big changes on your seo campaign.Rankinity has the real potential to enhance your seo campaign and it gives the real power to compete against your competitors.The best part, you can pay according to the number of keywords 🙂 you know about the other seo tools charging high like $20-$200 + per month for a single plan and that’s way too high.Here rankinity works differently and the payment system of Rankinity works entirely different.You can save big money with rankinity and you can use the tool according to your needs.

0 Loss and high gains – That’s it


Real time rank tracking

Rankinity offers an amazing real time rank tracking service where you can check your ranks on different search engines even with a lot of filtering features.You can even check your ranks on cities etc.At intervals or at real time, track and know the perfect position of your keyword to make a boost to your seo campaign.


Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your keywords, well that’s pretty fine but what if the competitors are ahead of you ? Use Rankinity and track their ranks too.Analyzing their position always helps in boosting and working on your keywords so that you’ll never have to lose your converting traffic.Even you can analyse the upcoming and fast growing websites playing on your keywords, make sure they are not fast as you 😉




Group the keywords, provide them a weight and everything you like to manage your comfort ability.Feel comfortable in using rankinity and its worth the money you spent.You can manage your keywords easily even if you have a lot of keywords to juggle on.Learn to manage the keywords and enhance your seo campaign.



Report (Info graphics)

Don’t you know the difference you normally feel when you read a blog and an infographics ? We are more patient and comfortable while reading and infographics because it’s easy and you’ll come to know the exact details which you are searching for.Rankinity provides an inforgraphical keyword report to let you know more about those things so that you can apply those changes on your keywords and content to make It awesome.




Sorry for the disturbance, Rankinity doesn’t have any fixed package to explore, instead they have an amazing package which let you save a big amount of money.Select your number of keywords, select the checking interval and let them show their pricing for you.Damn sure you’ll move with it because you’ll know when you try it out.Its highly recommended by the Blogbeatz team and I’d love to hear from you guys more about your expeirence 🙂 have a great day




  1. Wow never heard about this tool before and the real time tracking feature seems very useful as we can get the live postion of the keyword to know how the article is performing in the serp. Going to give the article a try 😀

  2. Seems like a great tool…thanks for sharing it!

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