Rankbrain is the third most important ranking factor according to Google.

Recently I read a few articles about Rankbrain and the “expected working” of Google’s artificially intelligent and machine learning algorithm which makes ranking even more smarter.

Read : How Rankbrain Works (Neil Patel)

Make sure you bookmark the above link, because that piece of content will help you understand Rankbrain the easiest way possible.


In short, Rankbrain is nothing but a smart machine learning system from Google to help provide a better user experience to people who search on Google. It automatically delivers right content to the right search term and the best part?

It learns everything, just like a human being.

That’s the advantage of machine learning system powered by artificial intelligence. You might have heard of them before, they are awesome. They are changing the world like anything, Google assistant is talking like a human being.

Siri is at least trying to hit a conversation. It’s beautiful!

But machine learning,

is the most interesting part here. A machine, learning by itself and executing actions with the lessons learnt. That’s what Rankbrain does!

It’s huge

Rankbrain started it’s job since 2015, it’s doing a very good job till time (claims Google). Google is really happy with the working of Rankbrain, which means that Google results are getting better.

Getting better in the sense?

More happy users, less happy spammers. 

I don’t know whether spammers are still doing a very good job and I think they’re (no idea!), but I’m sure that it won’t last long. Machine learning system is here to learn everything and I don’t think it will skip spamming.

Leave, I don’t want to talk a lot about Rankbrain. It’s an endless story, but I’ll put some thoughts about the importance of CTR (Click through rate) in Rankbrain.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

Since a very long, CTR is playing a very important role in SERP. I’m a very big fan of CTR, I just love playing with it. As you all know that Google’s first ranking factor is content and second factor is links. Third one is obviously Rankbrain, but there are 100 others.

I’m pretty sure that CTR has it’s own value and a position within the top 10.

Ok here’s a mock.

They said, Rankbrain has the ability to check whether a user is rephrasing the search term to find a better answer or coming back to Google again after reading an article from Google SERP.

So it’s smart and it works with a single motive.

Better answers to better questions (I remember Quora)

For example, your article may be ranking at 4th position for you main keyword. If a user clicks on the first link (1st position) and then comes back to Google for a better answer, then make sure your title is attracting enough to grab his/her attention.

Because Rankbrain is learning the fact that particular user is not satisfied with the first link and is looking for an alternative solution to the problem.

If your title is looking smart enough, there is a very high chance that you’re getting the next click (which increases your click though rate) and make sure your content is solving the problem beautifully.

If the user is again unsatisfied, another article wins!

So if a group of users do the same thing again and again and if they’re satisfied with your content, automatically Google will pick you up and put it on front so that their users doesn’t have to take a chance. again!

Ugh!! this is so mainstream, why am I repeating this.

Important : Users searching for a solution on Google should be able to take a chance with you. They’d do it, if you could give them confidence with your title.

A better title attracts more users, a better content keeps them tight to the blog. That’s where you solve the problem of your reader (not a user anymore) and gain more love from Google and Rankbrain at the same time!

I’m sure this helps! give it a try. Experiment a lot about CTR and it’s working. There are millions of articles explaining about CTR, bookmark them and read them! You’ll feel the change for sure, let me know your thoughts.

Be prepared. Google is getting ready for a massive change, I’m sure that more articles about “Google SERP changes in the recent years” will hit your mail boxes within few years. But I stand with Google, they are making the SERP environment more friendly and valuable and I think as a webmaster, we should appreciate that!



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November 8, 2017

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