We all have questions, every time when we look at something when you go deep about something or even when you do something, you come across a lot of questions yourself. Questions will make us think critically and finally we will end up finding the answer aka solution for our question.


Quora is nothing but the answer to all of your questions. If you got a question to ask the world, then go ahead and put your question on quora, get the best perfect answer you can ever get from experienced people’s and from other sources as well.

What will be the future of India? How can I make my first $1 million? How does it feel like to travel in a private jet? 

You can ask anything which is messing up your mind and you can get instant answers within no time. All you need is a solution for the millions of questions which are passing through your brain. Just ask your question and boom, you answer is ready.


Quora is the world’s #1 question answering platform and millions of people’s are visiting it every month. Quora is founded by Adam D’Angelo back in June 2008. The headquarters are situated in Mountain View California. They’ve around 106 employees and the website is developed using the programming language called “Python”.

The largest source of Quora traffic is India, it may be because there are a lot of Indians with a lot of mind-blowing questions and crazy answers. Indians are really getting into the top of the table in terms of internet activities. Basically, I’ve seen a lot of Indians posting their questions and those questions are sometimes tagged as the top content on Quora with more than 10k up votes and 100k+ views. Apart from answering the questions or asking questions, quora is something different and let’s creep more into that.


For bloggers, Quora = Traffic! Seriously, Quora is a great source of traffic. Suppose if your answer is getting viral and if you’re having your blog link in that answer then you’ll be getting a lot of traffic. You can even get more than 10k traffic a week using Quora. Especially, one of the important thing which I noticed is that a blogger can get some write-up ideas or they can even solve a question with their article. I’ve written something more about that in this article linked below.

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A good majority of the bloggers out there utilizes resources like quora for great traffic. Just like I said before, if your question or answer is getting viral and if you got a proper link in that, then probably your traffic will grow like anything. So, the bloggers can surely grab a lot of users and can use these traffic to make instant money online.

Human Beings

Well, this doesn’t mean that bloggers are not human beings, but still we got some difference right? 😛 . Anyways I’m coming back to the point, we all use social media sites like twitter and facebook for gaining knowledge and connecting with our friends. But, as far as I know, Facebook is not a great gateway of knowledge but still it’s a great place to communicate and connect with your friends.

Quora for humans!

Quora is a made for humans and not aliens, you can utilise Quora to grab a lot of knowledge. The difference of Quora from facebook is that you can ask anything here on Quora and you’ll be getting the exact perfect answer from strangers who excel in that field. Youngsters between the age of 15-19 should not miss using Quora at least 1 hour a day. Quora will surely help them out to make their life better in a positive way, general knowledge and practical experience is far better than degrees.


Personally Quora is great for me, I might not be damn active on Quora but still I never miss that stuff a day. I frequently visit Quora and read out majority of the top contents available out there. Last day I came across an article and the title is “What are some unknown facts about India?”. I was really amazed by seeing those answers, because as an Indian I didn’t knew that those things were happened in India.

Basically, when I get interested to some topic then I’ll follow that topic on Quora and keep on reading the top huge contents listed in that topic. Guess what? I’ll gain a lot of knowledge about that topic within a short span of time. Quora is something that you can trust and thank god there are no much spammers. Quora is giving hell lot of importance to the content they’re having.

Quora is a must use stuff and I strongly recommend each one of you to try out Quora at least for 1 hour a day. You’ll surely get addicted to it after some time and that addiction will change your life in a positive way for sure. You can connect with me on Quora here ( Krishna Moorthy D ) 🙂