5 weird questions faced by Indian bloggers

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Blogging is not mainstream in India, but internet is highly used in India. Infact India ranks in the 2nd position for the high usage of internet but no one knows what is blogging , internet marketing etc stuffs.Even the IT engineering students and unfortunately the IITans doesn’t even know about blogging and internet marketing stuffs (that’s too weird).One thing I’ve noticed about blogging with India is that the country is not giving much importance to these internet stuffs.One of the main reason behind it is because of the old ministers but I’m sure the modi government will make a change ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

The Reserve Bank of India has also applied some weird laws which doesn’t allow us to make payment online or have complete access to PayPal.The banks claim that Google and PayPal are not safe to make payments, ROFL “Dear banks I trust Google more than you, protecting my bank locker” ๐Ÿ˜› .Anyways what I’m conveying is the weird things which makes this field go crazy with the Indian stuffs.Even many of ours parents doesn’t even understand what we do online.Even our relatives, cousins and our friends just wanted to know whether we make money or what, they don’t seriously wanted to know how, but they keep on asking weird questions.Let’s discuss some questions.


Bro! how you make money online?

well, bro I work hard on the internet promoting some companies products and I use some ad networks likeย Adsesne.I drive traffic using SEO and I do some affiliate marketing stuffs to make money online.

Reply : Excuse me bro, what’s the time now? its 3:00 PM na? OMG I should reach there by 4 bro bye!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

PS : Actually none of our friends and relatives are going to understand these words, I’d suggest you not to try using them.Anyways I got no solution for this.Let me know your solution in comments.


So you make big money online right? help me out man!

What’s actually your problem bro? are you in need of some money? well, in that case I’m here to help your regarding blogging or internet marketing etc.I can do the best I can do for you.But you should be passionate and it takes some time to get good money.Don’t just move around the internet only for money.You should have some passion too.

Reply : How was the movie? Interstellar.Its something like blogging na? #Intersteller #Twists ๐Ÿ™

PS : To start with blogging you need to be something passionate, else things go weird.Its so hard to make small amount of money online without interest.These questions are especially asked by friends ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve a computer and an Internet connection! what can I do with it ?

If you wanted to start making money with blogging, start googling about blogging, how to blog, blogger, wordpress, content marketing , strategies etc and read those articles.After some days say a month, we can start creating a blog on blogger.Then from there we can add a custom domain then we can try for adsense.

Reply : Hey, I doubt there are some issues with my RAM or ROM can you come and fix it up?

PS : Mostly asked by personal friends and cousins.They love to know about it, but implementing it? that really sucks.So they are free to ask your some computer help, because you should be a pro in that.


What areย blogs? how you make them?

Blogs are something similar to websites, but we do have content or articles on our blogs which is read by many of our users on a daily basis.I make blogs using some platforms or CMS like wordpress, ghost, blogger etc.Its not a big deal, still something is there.

Reply : Oh! so you make websites ? which language man? HTML?

PS : These questions are majorly asked by our relatives who doesn’t even know what is web. (Theoretical shits)


How you get the money ?

Simple! I use PayPal and majority of the company transacts the amounts from US ,UK etc to my paypal account.Some companies and clients make payment through bank transfers.So its easy for me to get the money in my bank within days.

Reply : Are you sure? I can’t believe this!

PS : I’ve got nothing much to explain here * I’m speechless*

Actually the word internet is growing up, but majority of the Indians doesn’t even know about blogging or internet marketing.We cannot simply blame them, its simply because of the education system of India which teach about NASA super cool technologies but not the one we daily use, they are simply theoretical.Last day I met the bank manager and she asked me what’s paypal ๐Ÿ™ that weird moment? can you just imagine the quality of that bank manager.That’s how the current India is, they are using it a lot but doesn’t even know anything more about it.Share your questions and replies in comments ๐Ÿ™‚ waiting for it


  1. Hi Krishna,

    Great to read a wonderful post which focuses on some real-life weird question faced by Indian bloggers. I also has faced some of the question like What you do on laptop and Internet & how you makes money online.

    Thanks bro

  2. Sagar T Rajan (CM)

    Hi Krishna,

    I have came across all these question. Yes, the situation is really weird. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Anyways, cool work bro. I loved the reply to 2nd question among these five.

    Keep coming with intersting things.

  3. Hey..Krishna moorthy

    you are 100% correct..!! Though I am not successful in blogging till now but I also get so many questions like this..!!

    Someone just ask what is blogging..Is it a business or what?

    I just used to tell them one thing just write whatever you love to write or show to the world that in which you are some bit of perfect then post them in the internet so that people get some inspiration form you, if they are getting confused in their life..!!

    Did I told them Correct?

  4. Moideen Mizyan

    As usual ….You just rocked !
    Awsome post …. <3 <3

  5. Awesome post brooo…. I think you forgot 1 point. For the first time when we say to our friends that my Money will come and then the answer that it is fake you will not get anything. I have come across this situation.

  6. Hello Krishna,

    Awesome post as usual. I love to read your articles. I’m also facing this type of questions from my parents and friends. Everytime they ask me about making money online I need to say all things about blogging, marketing, advertising, affiliate and atlast after half n hour, I end up explaining them HTML, creating websites ๐Ÿ™ .Our indians are lacking behind all these stuffs.

    So we need to change the mindset of our indians by making them understand these stuffs easily. Anyway nice post. Thanks.

    Abdul Ghani.

  7. Perfect post everything is in this post is the reality of a blogger’s life..

  8. its not questions that were weird, it was answers that were really awesome and true i even was greedy when i started but then learnt about blogging and started nailing it for passion and got money afterwards

  9. Hello Krishna Moorthy D

    I think it absolute post to what a think blogger and What except to each other.

    I glad with your contain



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