Piktochart Review : Create Your Own Info Graphics in Minutes

Piktochart the name looks brainy but it’s very very easy to use this amazing stuff.Last week I stumbled upon to some Info Graphics by Neil Patel in Abcdblogging and I was just thinking like “Why can’t we create one,Instead of using it”.Finally I made some research on Info Graphics and decided to make a review of the amazing and user friendly website which allows you create free Info Graphics.
The above linked post is the first ever Info Graphics developed by me using this amazing site.Let me explain the stuffs in Detail.Info Graphics is a form of graphics which can explain a complete article or Information easily in the form of an Image Graphics.See the above linked post to see the Info Graphics Designed by Me at Piktochart.
What Is PiktoChart ?
Piktochart is a website which allows you to create free Info graphics for your website or blog etc..Piktochart is having an amazing interface which can help you to design your first ever Info Graphics within minutes.They have a large collection of Templates to select.To be frank I’m not at all a designer and even I had no Idea on designing an Info Graphics but I think I did something on the above linked post.And I’ve decided to concentrate more on it.Piktochart is having different pricing plans Including a free plan where you can have full access to 7 Templates which is more enough to make an amazing info graphics.The Text and Image managements are so easy and they have good collection of Images and fonts too.I strongly recommend you to try Piktochart.
Advantages Of Info Graphics
One of the major advantage I’ve noticed is that the natural backlinks we get from these Info Graphics.90% of the Info Graphics developers are allowing users to share that with their blog’s with some criteria.The “Criteria is Backlinks” because they really deserve it for their work.As we all know that Guest Blogging is said to be Dead Blah Blah Blah but even after that we need backlinks.So I recommend you to Invest on this and make some amazing Info Graphics with Piktochart Instead of Buying backlinks.Design > Make it Viral > Earn Tons of Natural Backlinks.
Designing on Piktochart
As I said earlier Piktochart is helping us a lot in developing your first ever info graphics and it’s really easy.They are giving some free Video Courses to become a Pro in Info Graphics.
It’s time to Develop an Info Graphics
Yes, it is and don’t be late.It’s time for you to develop some amazing Info Graphics from Piktochart and make it go Viral so that you can grab many such backlinks.If you make one then please let us know,we’re also waiting to give you a backlink :).
Website : Piktochart
So If you have any doubts please let us know.Suggest your Ideas and Feed backs and Keep Visiting.



  1. Thanks for sharing krishna but can you list a website that offers the same for free?

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