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How to Make Payments with PayPal in India


paypal india payments


PayPal is the highly used online payment solution in this world, PayPal has many competitors like Payza and even Google Wallet but still PayPal is the best for everyone in this world.PayPal is available in almost of all of those countries in a different manner.Yes, its not same in all countries, especially when you take the example of PayPal India, we got a bunch of restrictions to follow.

Read : PayPal India Frequently Asked Question

On the above link you can find some answers for your Indian questions related to PayPal.To be simple, PayPal India won’t allow us to make purchases on online stores or PayPal merchants with our PayPal balance.Basically PayPal will receive your money from the sender and auto withdraw it to your bank account within 24 hours time, so you don’t have any kinda access to your PayPal balance.To verify an Indian PayPal account, you need to verify your bank account and PAN card number so you can’t play games with it 🙂

There should be a solution for everything, If Indians are not allowed to purchase with PayPal balance then how the Indians will pay to PayPal merchants? Actually RBI introduced this bloody PayPal restriction which make these bloggers and Internet marketers suffer.I got a solution here to make payments with PayPal in India and here it goes 🙂


Be Ready with Your PayPal Account

Your PayPal account should be perfectly ready before you make payments with PayPal, make sure your PayPal account is connected to a bank account and its completely “Verified”.A Bank account and a PAN card is highly necessary to start and verify a PayPal account.


Your Plastic Card?

All banks provide debit and credit cards, now comes the game.You can attach your payment card (debit / credit ) in your PayPal account and make payments to PayPal merchants with those cards.After when you’re done connecting your card, then you can make purchases on PayPal merchants and the money will be taken out from your bank account directly.

But connecting your payment card on PayPal is not that easy.You own an International debit or credit card from State bank? Congratulations , you can never connect it with PayPal 🙂 seriously, it sucks big time.I was having 2 International State bank card but none of them worked (most cards which are printed with “International card” never works with International websites).I asked them why are you not allowing to make payments to top sites like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook etc and they replied “These websites are not safe” and you know what I replied “I trust these websites more than you” 😉 seriously I was fed up hearing this term.Only few cards are accepted by PayPal and this article helped me out.

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Personally I use an “Axis Bank Titanium Rewards MasterCard (Chip)” and it worked with ease.Always go for Chipcards because chips are highly accepted by PayPal.Here is my card.(To get this card contact the nearest Axis bank branch and grab a savings account with minimum balance 10k for rural areas, card issuance charge Rs.500 extra)

axis card

But there is an Issue, If you own a card in the above list (in above link) then the chance of getting accepted by PayPal is high for sure, but I suggest you something, check next point.


VISA, Sorry MasterCard

VISA cards are not easy acceptable by PayPal according to my knowlede, but I’m pretty sure that mastercard has more chance in getting accepted compared to VISA.I don’t really know the real reason behind that but according to my knowledge its the matter of OTP.Basically these VISA cards asks for OTP password or 3D password before completing the payment, but in the case of Internationally active Mastercard they don’t ask anything.Someone having your card details like number ,expiry, cvv can make the payment easily.So Mastercards are really working in terms of PayPal and I personally use a mastercard.I’d seriously suggest you not to give a try to VISA cards, better go with Mastercards and it has around 99% acceptance chance.


International Access*

After grabbing your card, activate the card and start making online payments.As a start you may purchase or recharge on Freecharge for Rs.10 and add the 3D Secure password for your card.After doing these jobs you’ll have to activate your international access to your card and its highly necessary.Without activating the International access of your card, you can’t make payments with PayPal.Call your customer care and ask them activate IVR or international usage of your card.It takes around 24-48 hours to get this done.

Time to Connect

If you’ve done 3 things

+ Activating your card (No need if its already active)

+ Setting the 3D Secure Password (No need if its already got one)

+ Activating the International Access (No need if its already done)

then we can move forward connecting your payment card with PayPal.It’s easy to connect and it whoops out $2 fee to connect the card and verify the same.Here it goes the guide to connect.

Step 1 : Click Profile > Add/Link Credit Card (Even if its a debit card 😉 )

paypal card adding

Step 2 : Enter the entire details of your card

paypal card adding


That’s it, now you’ll be sent for verification process and as a part of it $2 is whooped out from your bank account which the card is used for.


Verification Process

The verification process is simple as eating an apple.They’ll take out a payment from you as I said $2 and the PP code of your transaction is the verification code and now I’m completely clear that you didn’t understand anything 🙂 let me explain you with my example.

axis paypal verify

Here is my Axis bank mobile banking account, here I can find the PP code (PayPal code) of my PayPal fee transaction.In PayPal verification area, you’ll be asked to enter this code.Do enter it Eg : 5306 (my code, not yours 😛 ).You can use your net banking or credit card bill or bank statement to get this code.

After when you’re done adding this code, you’re a free bird and you’ll be having complete access to Pay PayPal merchants with your card.There are no extra charges apart from the INR to dollar conversion :).So enjoy making payments and do remember Blogbeatz while making a successful payment 🙂 keep visiting.


  1. Hey Krishna,
    Very nicely explained this whole process. It’s very painful that Indian users can’t make payments easily using Paypal but you have given a good solution.
    First time visiting your blog. Very nice 🙂

    Soumyakanti Ray

  2. Hi,
    There are few things, I need to say about this article. First of all please don’t give wrong information to your readers. In the above post you have clearly mentioned “Visa cards won’t work with PayPal”. That is a complete wrong allegation I do not know that from where did you get that info, but let me tell you this is completely wrong. I’m personally using ICICI VISA Card with PayPal .Also both chip based and chipless cards works with PayPal and other international site. It’s just like Axis Bank only allow international transaction on Chip Based card. That is a bank specific requirement, but that doen’t make a conclusion. I also think you have forget to put a link to my actual post in the 6th paragraph ” this article helped me out”.
    Hope you will re-edit your post and make the changes. 🙂

    • Hey, actually VISA cards used to work on paypal, but not anymore according to my knowledge.The customer care team told to me that paypal black listed new visa cards but that does not harm the old visa cards.Mastercards have more chance to get accepted thats why I said like that.

      • I do not recall any kind of claim like that from PayPal team. Infact if there was any issues like this with PayPal, I’m pretty sure that I would have known that by now. Many of my readers have added their recent VISA cards to paypal and many other sites easily. As for not working, please tell me one payment gateway you have found that is not working with VISA cards? Skrill, Stripe, PayPal, 2 Checkout, Google Wallet every single merchant around the world accept VISA. VISA has a huge client base around the world, so don’t give untested information with the users. If you have said this about RuPay card, I will agree with you. But not with VISA, for sure.

  3. I never thought this could be possible at all, thanks for going the hard way to discover this method for the good of everyone. Kudos to this post!

  4. Hello Krishna,

    Indeed a very informative post. All problems related to PayPal are cleared here.

    Hey! I too use the same axis bank titanium rewards card. Its working fine with PayPal no issues.

    In my new PayPal account, I’m going to link my SBI account with PayPal, will it work?

    Abdul Ghani.

  5. Hi Krishna ,

    Very Nicely Explained. Krishna Your Topic is : “How to Make Payments with PayPal in India” and you mentioned that Adding Our Credit Card info with Paypal can enable us to send payment from India To India. But Krishna, I have a question : Did you tried Sending payment from India to India through this method ?

    According to me this method Only works for international transactions not from india to india. You cant send Money via paypal from india to india. We are sending Payment from Paypal since 2010 but this thing never works for india to india transactions. It only worked for India to Foreign transactions.

    Kindly Mention in your article that this method Won’t work for India to India transactions. If You dont believe me then Try once and you will get know. And if You can still able to send money from india to india via paypal then please send me any screenshot so that we can believe.

  6. Hello Krishna.

    This is a new information for me. I’ll definitely going to use this article to grab a card 🙂



  7. Nuzzo

    Has anyone used Auction Essistance for PayPal services?

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