Outernet : A Free Wifi Mission to the World a Free Internet connection to the world and its soon coming to make us chill.You may have wondered right ? may be ,because everyone loves free stuffs especially we Indians love them a lot.Wifi is an internet connectivity which always make things more faster.Around the world there is Wifi but what if we get that around the globe? That’s what Outernet is.Yes the website itself has the name
Here I’m not going to make you read the complete blog but make sure you read the images it’s worth the time you spent πŸ™‚
Get to Know
The world is on the generation of internet especially we indians are on the second position in using Internet.Only 11% of the population uses Internet in India but it alone can make a boom because think about India’s complete population . πŸ˜›
What is Outernet
So now you know what outernet is right.Ok then lets move on to Next. πŸ˜‰
Time Line
That’s it ,the outernet may come on Mid 2015 (not sure) and you can rock with the internet from the date of launch don’t worry India is also ready to accept it.No issues with India and Outernet.So Dream off the outernet πŸ™‚
Hey ,Please alert your friends also about the outernet ,Knowledge should be shared right ;).So keep visiting Blogbeatz and Bye πŸ™‚


  1. Very interestg, woderfull and amazing thought… but me Jst thinking of speed.. finger cross…

  2. Wow! good news… I just can’t imagine what about download and upload speeds.. oh hell!! Server crashes will increase.. how are they going to handle that much amount of traffic?? still a question.. Few years ago same words are coming for free mobile calls and mobile connectivity.. I pray this proves to be genuine.. great post!!

  3. Krishna Moorthy .D So it really depends on the country if they will accept it or not?

  4. Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for the wonderful info. And when can we expect it to be launched in India?


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