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OnPage SEO Guide : Perfectly Crafted for Newbies

“Content is the king!Β But what if no one is reading your content? Content marketing is one of the most important things which you should learn as a writer or an internet marketer. Articles which are perfectly crafted can surely impact our way of thinking. The perfect content we write, the more audience we get.



Content Marketing

There are many methods to market your content easily, but the king of all is “Search engine optimization“. You need to craft a perfect content which is user-friendly, rich in data (information) and attractive for the readers. A good majority of the content marketers make use of platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Social media websites like Facebook to market their content. They’re really working out harder and harder to grab as much as readers as they can. But, just like Neil Patel said “Use Social media websites as a press releasing tool” and I seriously suggest all of the marketers and writers out there to try out search engine marketing for grabbing more audience to read your articles.

Search Engine Optimization

There’re a lot of search engines out there and Google is the king of all. Β 80%+ marketers and writers are concentrating on Google to optimize their content, they follow the Google’s algorithm to optimize their articles. Google is a widely used to search engine, so following the Google’s algorithm makes perfect sense too πŸ™‚ .

How it works?

Suppose if you’re writing an article about “How to write aΒ SEO optimized article? ” then probably google will come up with amazing results which will surely solve all your doubts and problems. Google have that huge database of websites which are producing content every single time so it’s not a big deal for them to solve your problem in the right way. But, have you ever thought of the number of results or the number of sites ranking there?

onapage seo results


Look at that πŸ˜€ , the number of matching results is a whopping 558000Β and you’re here to learn OnPage SEO to beat all these results and come up in the top 10? Well, you can do it πŸ™‚ .

SEO is broken down to 3 categories,

+ OnSite SEO ( The optimization we do on our website design etc)

+ OnPage SEO ( The optimization we do on our pages and articles)

+ OffPage SEO ( The Optimization we do out of the blog ).

Well, Onsite SEO is just a one time process and you don’t really need to concentrate on that if you’re a freelance writer, as an internet marketer, it’s your duty to learn onsite SEO as because you’ll have to deal with website designs and stuff.

So what you can do to rank your own article on Google is to learn 3 of these and start working out, if you’re here to learn On page SEO then let me tell one thing frankly that On page SEO is easy to learn and it will surely help you out to rank your articles in top 10. But, keep in mind one thingΒ πŸ™‚ Offpage is the king of SEO πŸ˜‰ .Well, low competitive keywords can be easily taken down with OnPage SEO alone but it will hard to break down those high competitive keywords with your OnPage optimization.

OnPage SEO

Google has an algorithm and this algorithm has a lot of parameters. If you pass through all these parameters with a good score, then you’ll be on the first page of SERP (Search engine result page) for sure. I’ll guide this thing to you in a different way,

Google is a search engine and the users of Google who is searching for something doesn’t even know what is anΒ algorithm or SEO etc. Basically what Google can do is to analyze the articles submitted by blogs and bloggers with certain parameters and finally give a score to each and every article. The article with the highest score ranks on to the top of the search results, we don’t have any tool to check the score and the worst part is that Google is hiding their algorithm and they’re not ready to reveal those parameters. What we can do is to experiment each and everything with our blogs and finally find out all these parameters. Well, the SEO experts are doing these experiments every day and here are some of the main things which you need to concentrate.

Google will be updating their algorithm at different intervals and the changes will surely reflect the rank of your articles. Day by day Google is trying to improve their algo bots with amazing intelligence. The users needs a perfectly structured article which is rich in content and Google also wants the same πŸ™‚

Meta Tags

Meta tags are much like an old concept, they don’t have any much values these days according to Google. Meta tags are and HTML tags we use to communicate with Google. We can say to Google that this is the author of this article or these are the keywords which are related to this article etc. But experiments found that bloggers are misusing these meta tags by providing the wrong information to Google, so Google stopped giving much importance to it.

Meta Description:Β Still, Meta description has got its value and I don’t think Google can eliminate meta description from Google’s algorithm. Meta description is the description that comes under the link of your page in search results. Here’s a preview,

PS: I use SEO Yoast Plugin to optimize these stuff, it’s a free plugin πŸ™‚

onpage SEO snippet

So add a meta description which is quite attracting. Meta description should not exceed 156 characters and it should contain primary keywords as well.

Primary Keyword:Β Primary keyword is your article’s main keyword. For example, the main keyword of this article is “onpage SEO” and I wanted to rank this for that keyword. The keyword is highly competitive and It might take more than months for me rank this stuff (SEO is a slow process, slow and steady wins the race) πŸ™‚ . So find your main keyword and be ready, to find the best keywords, either you can use Google Adwords or SEMRush (which is recommended).


A Title is one of the most important things which indirectly increases the site traffic. I’ve seen some websites which are ranking on 3rd position getting 3 times more traffic than the first one, the mantra is “Title“. Having the best and attractive killer title will surely help you out to attract users to click on your link. For eg,

You can write the title in many different ways, but make sure that you’ve added the main keyword at least once in the title and the title should not exceed 70 characters in length. If you’re using the plugin, Yoast then you can have two titles (one for search engines and one normal title, which sometimes help).

Eg :

iPhone 6s Review: Comparison, Price, and Features

All you need to know about iPhone 6s : Review

iPhone 6s is here: Read the review

iPhone 6s is a powerful stuff: Read the review

You can put the titles in different ways, but 4 of these conveys the same message which is “iPhone 6s review” and these titles are also having the main keyword “iPhone 6s review”. So take some time to decide the best title and put it into action.


Permalink is the URL of your article, your permalink should also contain the primary keyword. There’s nothing much to optimize in a permalink so, move on and give a short, related and keyword rich permalink πŸ™‚ simple!


Image Optimization

Image optimization is all about optimizing the images with proper information. Suppose if you’re adding an image into your blog post then Google cannot easily identify “what this image is conveying?” so in that case Google will track down the alt tag and use that data for ranking. So always give alt tags to images and let Google know what your image is pointing to. Make sure you’ve added the main keyword in your image alt text too πŸ™‚ .




Headings are so necessary for an article, how can you figure out the different categories of an article without proper headings? πŸ˜› so, all you need to do is categorize the article and add proper headings which make sense. I’ve added h2 tags in this heading just because we need to use those HTML tags to make the headings look bigger, that makes sense right? πŸ˜‰

Add <h2> before the heading and </h2> after the heading in “Text” area of WordPress and not in Visual. Β Using these HTML tags will make sure that your heading looks bolder and thicker like my heading. Heading is an important stuff in onpage seo, so take care of that.


Suppose if you’re writing about something very huge in topic, then you’ll have to interlink your own articles which relate to the current article which you’re writing. If I was having some articles about offpage seo or anything about SEO then I’d have interlinked those articles here, but in this case I don’t have any articles to exhibit so I’m not doing it πŸ™‚ . Interlinking will surely improve your bounce rate and hence it will help you to maintain a good relationship with your readers.

Read: How to decrease your bounce rate by 40%

See, I just did πŸ˜€ , Interlinking as an onpage SEO signal is really important but never interlink a lot of articles in just one article. Keep it in a limited way and only interlink related articles. You can also link to external articles from other blogs and it will surely help out. I’ve linked to Wikipedia in this article and it will help a lot of users to get more precise and accurate information. Don’t be selfish while linking to other blogs, if you find an article is potential enough to link with then go ahead and link it, you can also make that link a no follow one (no much SEO value is passed to the other blog) by adding rel=”nofollow” at the end of ahref tag.

Tags & Categories

This is just a usual thing which you’re already doing, just add the related tags (around 3-4) and select the best category and subcategory for the article. Never create each category for each article, just keep some categories and add articles according to that. Never write anything out of your niche, writing something which is completely off-topic will never make sense.


Got something important to highlight?Β Bold it,Β Want something to be noticed? Make itΒ Bold italic ,Β wanted to underline something?Β do it!.Β Centralize the thing which you wanted to be in the center or the right side? or left side? whatever?

Do anything which you wanted to do in your article but make sure that makes sense. Write everything in a perfectly readable way and make sure that you’re low at grammar mistakes. Break down the big paragraphs to smaller ones so that the users can read it comfortably. Do write a minimum of 300 words and the maximum is just unlimited, writing a good and well researched long article will boost SEO like anything. Ask your friends to proofread the article as a reader, so that you can fix all the errors which he’s pointing out.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is defined as the number of times you’re using the primary keyword. You should maintain a level and it completely depends on the size of your article. The more words you write, the more times you use the main keyword. If you’re using SEO Yoast plugin, then you can easily track your keyword density rate.

Please don’t overuse the main keyword again and again because it will result to spamming. Overuse of the primary keyword will never help you to rank the article easily if you’re overusing the main keyword then it is considered as Keyword Stuffing,Β which is completely illegal according to Google.

Content Quality

Just like I said before “Content is the king”. Keep writing the best in you and try harder and harder to make it perfect. Give some importance to your grammar or at least fix the basic issues which you’re facing with your language. I don’t think I’m so good at writing, but I have a companion and it’s helping me a lot. I can’t express my friendship with that tool, I love you πŸ™‚ Β Grammarly :)Make your content totally readable with perfect alignmentΒ and the best formatting.

SEO Page Analysis of this post πŸ™‚


Most important of all

Make your content original, write your heart and communicate with your readers, make the most out of your article. Your traffic may be less, but your article will surely earn a heart if it’s providing the right information in the right way πŸ™‚


Add credits to the images and make the link nofollow, add keywords to the interlinked articles, add proper reference and source of data. Make an article for your friend but not Google, and of courseΒ your friend is a Google user πŸ˜‰ . Never be lazy, just apply all the onpage seo tactics which you know and it will surely help in future. Make the onpage seo perfect and we can take care of the rest (offpage seo). Installing a lot of plugins will never gonna rank your stuff on top, so just use one or two maximum plugins and make the best out of it. I personally use SEO Yoast which is kinda easy and comfortable with great results. Try to lower the image quality so that it increases the speed of page loading, Google loves page speed πŸ™‚ .

SEO is an art, love it! πŸ™‚



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