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5 Top Free Online Meme Maker

meme maker

meme maker

Meme Makers and Meme generators both are needed to generate meme’s Β or to make some meme’s to make fun of your friends or to make your funny facebook page engaged.I really love these meme’s because they are really amazing sometimes.Especially in 9GAG Oh My God just amazingly funny memes makes my day.But have your ever thought of designing a meme.Its very easy to design I mean you call that “Create” a meme! So here I’ll be sharing tools that helps in making meme’s and that’s what we call ” meme makers ” .Before that let’s check our image oh my sweety Matt Cutts Aha! You are here to give a warning to my blogger friends lol! this is the real cuttslol πŸ˜› anyways let’s move to the topic πŸ™‚

Here it Goes the Top 5 Meme Maker Website in 2014


Meme Generator

Meme Generator is one of the popular meme making website which helps us to make meme’s like a boss.Actually many of my friends are asking me how do I create a memeΒ and guys this is the answer for you.You can create some amazing meme’s here with Meme Generator to make fun of your friends or to have some fun πŸ˜› .Confused ! So the first and strong recommendation is to move withe meme generator πŸ™‚


Meme Maker

Meme Maker is another website which allows you to create some crazy meme’s.Actually while I’m writing this article I’m like :/ I’m having a weird feeling.You are my readers πŸ™‚ and I keeping on saying this is good that is good Ah real crap! Actually here as I said I’ll be introducing 5 Meme Makers which is going to help you in making meme’s and all the websites does the same job and there’s nothing much to explain πŸ˜› So my second suggestions is to go with Meme Maker πŸ™‚


Quick Meme

Quick Meme is also a meme generator blah blah blah which helps you to make Quick Meme’s πŸ™‚ Yeah this website is having a Quick Feature to help you make a meme quickly and I hope that helps when you are in a hurry.So use Quick meme if you wanna make some quick meme’s πŸ˜›


Meme Center

Meme Center is a center where you can make some amazing and cool meme’s to attract your fan page readers.Yeah you can increase the page reach of your fan page like a boss if you have some amazing meme’s to make them smile like ROFL πŸ˜› .So start generating some amazing and some killer meme’s to make the day.



Yer another meme maker which will help you badly to make some good meme’s and the thing is I’m more comfortable with Imgflip while making meme’s like they have a dashboard like stuff which helps us to make some meme’s πŸ™‚


Final Verdict

According to me I use meme’s when some of my clients contact me to increase the reach of their funny page and to be frank meme’s can really increase the hell out of your reach from a funny facebook page.So start using the above mentioned websites to make awesome meme’s keep visiting Blogbeatz πŸ™‚







  1. Hahaha! Thanks for this Article.. I will make some funny meme soon πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  2. Gud Article. But in the title you have mention 10 top but only 5 sites are available in the post.

  3. Everyone loves funny meme. I was thinking to create some meme that’s why I found your post. Thanks for sharing these tools.


  4. Great article, really come to know about some new sites


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