Keyword Research for Newbie’s : Keyword Planner

This post is all about Keyword Research using Google Keyword Tool, most important thing in Search Engine Optimization is finding the Right Keyword for you Niche. There are many tools available on the Web for keyword research where most of the tools are Paid tools, Google Keyword Tool is one of the most efficient and Free tool for keyword Research.


Now lets get into Google keyword Tool and understand how to use this tool for keyword research. I have uploaded a video about How to use Google keyword tool for keyword Research, you will see it later in this post.

Google Keyword Tool is far much easier to use, than other paid tools for keyword research. Now lets start keyword research using Google keyword tool :

Step 1 : Find the Status of Keywords


  • Firstly you will need to Sign Up for Google Adwords.
  • Now Goto Tools >> Keyword Planner
  • Search for a new Keyword  and ad group Ideas.
  • Lets start with “Valentine’s Day“, I want to make a new Micro niche for Valentine’s Day
    So write your keyword and Hit on Get Ideas.
  • Now checkout your keyword which you want to use as per Competition and Ad Impression Share in keyword Ideas Tab.

Step 2 : Get Search Volume for a Number of Keywords


  • Second Step is to search volume for a list of keywords.
  • Here we will check the attributes of our Keyword. Check keyword which looked promising to you in first step, as per your match type.
  • Here we want Exact Keyword as we want to make a Micro Niche. So we will type [Valentine’s Day] and check its volume.
  • You can Vary your keyword and check its search volume and get a Focus Keyword here.Check the Competition, Statistics and Page Impression and Choose Accordingly.

Step 3 : Get New Keyword Ideas


  • Now Lets Move on to the Final Step, its all about combining keywords and getting new keyword ideas.
  • So Enter your Focus Keywords in one Box (Can be more than one), and in second box things related to the Keyword we observed in keyword Ideas.
  • Now hit on Get Search Volume check out for the best Keyword for your Micro Niche. 😉
  • So guys we are done with the Tactic, you can add up several things and research for a keyword with your own techniques and Ideas.
Also check out a video related to use of Google Keyword tool for Keyword Research :

Hope you guys have made it through this video, about how to use this Google Keyword Tool for Keyword Research. This tutorial was just to make you understand using this tool, not any technique about keyword Research.

For more Ideas about Keyword Research you can Contact us. 😉

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  1. Those are the best keyword mastering tips..great post Jaymin!

  2. Hi Jaymin,

    Thanks for providing such a good throw. It is definitely good for newbies.
    During my initial time I was going through complication like how to build exact keywords for my reader.
    Targetting keywords will add more viewers of your website.

    Keep writing and thanks for sharing your write up.

  3. Hiii JAYMIN,

    Nice step-wise guide!
    Keyword search is one of the most needed things and this post will help newbies a lot.

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