3 Reasons Why You Should Never Install a lot of Plugins


This is an alert!Β Plugins are the game changers for every WordPress blogger. WordPress is a wonderful content management system and every WordPress blogger out there is installing their favorite and useful plugins every day.

Well, I’m not against installing plugins on WordPress, but there should be limitations and these Plugins plays a very important role in maintaining your WordPress blog. There are a lot of plugins developed by a lot of WordPress developers out there and these plugins are installed by the WordPress users. From On page optimization to adding a button, we install plugins to help us get through the process. I’ve personally faced a lot of problems with these unwanted plugins and they’ve messed up my blog in a weird way.

#1 Data

When you install a plugin, the code files, and another plugin related files are copied to your server and this data is potential enough to mess up your blog. Some plugins never corporate with other plugins of the same type and both of this will mess up everything. Sometimes when you install a plugin, you can see that your blog’s UI is grabbing a weird look. I’ve personally faced this issue many times and fixing them was really a tough job for me. I installed the plugin which I was in need for and the installation affected my UI design very badly. Usually, what will you do when you face this kinda issue? just like you, I tried uninstalling the plugin which made my site weird, but the result was ridiculous Β πŸ˜› . I strongly recommend you to read the reviews and star ratings and also the number of downloads to make sure you don’t download the wrong plugin. If you can find a review about that plugin, do read it.

#2 Downtime

You know what? Your blog will face downtime if your plugins are acting really weird. Well, I’m sure that you’ve heard about nulled plugins and these nulled plugins might contain malicious codes which will surely kill your blog. But I’ve experienced downtime due to free plugins which I installed from WordPress. I had a chat with my hosting partners live chat team and they always asks me to delete the unwanted plugins which are creating weird downtimes in my server. While I was using Blogbeatz, I faced a lot of downtime issues because of the weird behavior of plugins.

#3 Unwanted

The problem creator is the plugins which are unwanted and the ones developed by some newbie and unprofessional developers. I strongly recommend you to uninstall unwanted plugins every week and also do update all the plugins which you’re using every day. Just like I said before, read reviews and analyze the advantages of the plugins carefully and take your action. It might be just a plugin, but it really counts when it comes to your blog’s health. Maintain your plugins in a perfect way and keep them updated to maintain your blog’s health! πŸ™‚





  1. Great Article mate πŸ™‚

  2. Great Article mate πŸ™‚

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  4. Well, A great Article Buddy. Keep Writing!

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