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Case Study : Neobux is a Scam PTC Site




When I started researching about zero investment money making methods, first I came into PTC sites like Neobux, actually Neobux is the world’s #1 PTC site which itself is a scam? wondering how ? let me explain my case study on this.I’ve tried Neobux both with investment and zero investment.Basically Neobux and some other PTC sites are ad clicking sites (paid to click services which pay per click on ads).

As I said you can use Neobux without Investment and with investments as well but, they will fool you in both ways according to my knowledge.Especially they have a feature called “Renting refferals” which fuel up their scam face.I’m not saying that they won’t pay, they pay really when if you have good money in your neobux account and their payments are perfectly instant, don’t worry about those things.If you’re a Neobux user you might know about the real fact behind renting refferals.

The fact happened within me was unique and crazy, they made me happy and I was hoping best returns because the flow was like that.But at the end of the timing I’m afraid that I’ll get 100% ROI or what ๐Ÿ˜› .Their renting refferal program is cool but its cool only if they’re not fooling us.I invested $10 and I’m still waiting for my $10, I may get $10 I mean 100% ROI but that’s what I was planning, I was thinking about a minimum of 120% returns and it should be like according to common sense.


Why did I call Neobux a Scam

I click and I retire :ย This is the perfect policy followed by neobux refferals or may be the robots of the company ๐Ÿ˜‰ .Actually when someone click on the ad and if he/she is our rented refferal then we get paid that’s the policy.In that only a few percentage will click daily.The weirdest thing is that, when you buy your refferals, they’ll click hard and make good profits for the first week, but after that they are like “I never seen Neobux” WTF is going on? huh? This is so suspicious.

Here is the graph and you should understand the stuff after seeing this ๐Ÿ™‚

neobux refferals


2 Clicks and 3 Clicks : This is an another thingy behind neobux refferals.Actually one should click at least 4 orange ads to get paid from refferals in a proper way and It hardly takes 4 minutes to click on these 4 ads, basically a ย good majority of my refferals click on 2-3 ads and that makes me super suspicious.

Bots Bots and Bots :ย I’m sure that neobux is using bots as rented refferals and that was featured by almost a good number of blogs as well, now with my experience I can say proudly “Neobux use bots“.

Break Even Point :ย Whatever you do, you reach near to the break even point for sure.May be you’ll earn a 104% ROI or 96% ROI.You’ll be staying between this for sure and the rented refferals are trained to click like this :p that’s what I experienced.In this case they won’t lose users too ๐Ÿ™‚ simple.


Final Verdict

As a final verdict I should say, “Never Ever Go with Neobux“.Advertisers who are looking for mass useless traffic can advertise on neobux and I’ve tried their advertisements too, it seriously sucks.But if you’re doing some mini jobs in crowdflower with neobux then you can earn some good real money, that’s the only benefit.Click here to singup if you wanna do that, but never rent refferals or never invest on it.Happy New Year ๐Ÿ™‚ .


  1. Sir I know Neobux for the past 7 years, it is waste of time, because it wants money for upgrade and also you can see if you are login in that site you will see same ads and that ads are as same as other networks so I decided it is a scam, one thing any ad network site can’t asked money, in the web many sites as same as this type are now running people wanted easy money those type of people go and sign in that networks and loss of valuable time and money, some sites are asking personals details such as bank details and other if you give that details then you will totally you face hazards, any how you give the best messages to all readers and who want easy money form online and once again I thanks to you Krishnamoorthy sir.

  2. This is really very nice post!! i really enjoyed reading this post ๐Ÿ™‚ very informative ……i love all your articles. Thanks a lot for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nikhil

    wht abou clicxsense ???

  4. Hello Krishna…

    Yes you are right in Some things but you are not Completely right may be Neobux is using Bots or What Ever but Neobux is Very Profitable PTC Site as you Said you invested $10 Dollars So in Neobux you cannot Make a Good Profit Without Golden Membership and you have to Invest minimum $130 Dollar to Earn Good Profit From Neobux $90 Dollars for golden membership and $40 to buy 200 Rented Referrals And After That you Minimum Earning will be $40 Per Month.

    So call Neobux Scam it,s a Legit and Trusted Site may be your Experience was not so Good but it dose not mean Neobux is a Scam Site.


  5. This is Really Good Information,Am Also Invested My Time over there but no use,this is same in the case of clixsense,anyway u can use these website to advertise some clickbank products,bcz i got some bucks from it

  6. In simple words Neobox is high level scam site which pays some money to earn more from you ๐Ÿ˜›

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