Ahh! 1000’s of articles and ads all over the internet spreading MyThemeShop coupon code. But there is a reason behind this, guess what?


You guessed it right. They pay for sandwiches but not directly, they do this indirectly. Well, sandwiches are my favorite food, I eat a lot of sandwiches (daily at times). They’re awesome, but who’s gonna pay for all these?


Mythemeshop is a wonderful WordPress theme store, I love a good majority of their theme and I’ve personally tried Schema which is simply perfect.

Note: I sold an Amazon blog for $3000 and I used the theme schema on that blog. It works like a charm. Read more about my Amazon blog and flippa story here.

I don’t want to boast a lot about MyThemeShop here because they didn’t pay me anything to write this article. You can check out their themes and decide whether they are awesome or not. Sounds good?

alright, let’s move on to “sandwich”


Affiliate Program

MyThemeShop has one of the best affiliate programs in the WordPress theme industry. They pay out 55% of the sale amount to the affiliate.

That’s wow.

For example, consider that I’m referring you right now (you can create a free account here) when you make a purchase I’ll earn 55% of the total sale amount.

That’s lots of sandwiches.

Also, in addition to that, they pay another 10% lifetime commission from the affiliates you refer.

Suppose if you refer someone like I’m referring you right now (yea, seriously). I’ll be able to earn 10% of your lifetime affiliate earnings.

That’s another set of club sandwiches.

I personally admire their work. The themes they develop, their generosity in paying 55% commission to the affiliate with other perks. On time payments and the best part? no minimum payout threshold (Join now).

I love it, but there is an interesting confusion.

Coupon Theme

Almost 400-800 people search for the keyword “Mythemeshop coupon” and It’s quite interesting to see Google Ads on top of the SERP.

Year – 2017 (Report from KWFinder, super awesome tool).

mythemeshop coupon


I love researching these kinda scenarios. Well most of them are searching for the mythemeshop coupon code, while a good majority is looking for mythemeshop coupon theme.

They have developed a wonderful theme for affiliate marketers who make a living marketing coupon codes. Their coupon theme is one such piece of art, and I’m pretty sure that they are selling very good numbers.

I couldn’t really see a lot of other affiliate based WordPress coupon code theme anywhere else. The SEO design part of their theme always nails it.

Question: Do they really provide offers?

Answer: 100% yes, because MyThemeShop is very well known for their continuous offers which always keep bloggers and affiliate marketers on alert. They made a perfect eco-system to improve their business and help bloggers grow their business (that’s beautiful).



Bloggers (especially blogging niche bloggers) love promoting Mythemeshop coupons and their themes, because of the quality and the world-class affiliate program they have.

If you’re a blogger, I’d seriously recommend you to start with Mythemeshop right now. Go to Mythemeshop, create an account which will automatically create your affiliate account. Start promoting their product (only after experiencing their service and if you’re satisfied with it).

Would you mind checking out Clickfunnels coupon?

I’m writing this article eating my sandwich which is just near to the USB port of my laptop. Thanking Mythemeshop for creating a beautiful affiliate program which is helping me have sandwiches.

I think I spent all my mythemeshop earnings on eating sandwiches (I strongly believe in that). Anyway, that’s all about my experience with MTS (that’s what they call it).

Let me know your experience in the comments.




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December 5, 2017

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