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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program (2nd Tier) – You’ve got Cash

Let me tell you one thing frankly that I’ve made only $55.71 (INR 3740) from MythemeShop affiliate programbut also understand the fact that I was unaware of the 2nd tier affiliate program when I was making this income. Well, I was totally confused when I used to get this kinda emails that says,

mythemeshop affiliate program



MythemeShop affiliate program is one of the cutest, best and most comfortable affiliate programs I’ve ever worked with. When I got my first email from MyThemeShop that my I made a sale and $3 has been credited to my account, I was like “What? when did I promote MyThemeShop? I gave my users a 70% coupon code and that commission % is just 0, still how the hell I got paid?” and it was damn confusing unless my friend Nikhil Gantora (one of the best MythemeShop affiliate) explained me about the 2 tier affiliate program by MythemeShop!

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2nd Tier Affiliate Program

2nd tier affiliate program is the one which I’m currently using and it’s really helping me to pay my internet bills on time. Every month I’ll be getting around $7 to $8 on an average which is more than enough to pay my Internet bills (Internet connection is cheap here). Well, I’ve never considered this a primary source of income, I’ve never really worked to bring on affiliates under my referral ID and I was totally shocked when I started getting payments for doing nothing. will pay you for referring your friends to their affiliate program or if your friends are making a purchase. Basically, the working is similar to other affiliate programs, they’ve their own banners, designs, and everything are set. I’ll explain you the 2nd tier affiliate program with an example!

You referred your friend to MythemeShop as he was looking to buy a good theme, Mythemeshop got great collections so that he can buy some real good themes from MTS.  Finally, your friend decided to buy the best selling awesome theme called Schema from  Mythemeshop and you get 70% commission credited to your MythemeShop affiliate account. Well, after few months your friend got good experience in the Internet marketing industry and he decided to use Mythemeshop affiliate program to sell the themes in there. So whenever he makes successful sales, he gets 70% and you get 10% of the 70% which is exactly the 2nd tier affiliate program! You can earn this for a lifetime and it’s an effortless job for sure.

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Steps to Join!

Join now!

Step 2 : Enter your details, signup like you usually do. You can also opt for facebook or Google account singup.

Step 3 : Grab your unique affiliate link and you can even check out some super cool banners which you can use on your blog posts.

step 1 mythemeshop affiliate program

refferal link mythemeshop

Step 3 : Promote the products and the affiliate program as much as possible to get the best out of your hard work. You’ll surely get a lot of sales with less efforts as because the conversion rate is damn too high for Mythemeshop.

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Some of my payment proofs here,

earnings affiliate

Hope you are exited to give this affiliate program a try, and I’d really suggest you to make the best out of this. Trust me, it’s no big deal and even a newbie can make enough pocket money from Mythemeshop!

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