Wunderlist is one of the best android and iOS application I’ve ever come across. One day my friend Amal Rafeeq suggested me this wonderful application which really changed my life. Wunderlist has made me super productive and currently I’m dependent on this application.


Let it be anything, from movies to online payments, blogging to academics, I use Wunderlist to manage everything which passes through my life. To be precise, Wunderlist changed the way I managed my schedules and time. After using Wunderlist, I became addicted to it and now I can’t live without this wonderful application.

Wunderlist was recently acquired by the tech giant “Microsoft” to integrate their outlook with this amazing application so called Wunderlist. Wunderlist got both paid and free packages and the free package itself is coming with a lot of features to make us productive. Now let me share some of the tips which I use to be more productive with Wunderlist.

#1. 5 Things!

The 5 things rule works a lot better than any rules 😛 because I created it 😛 , just kidding. Suppose if you’re a Wunderlist user then create 5 main tasks and keep them for so long. They’re not actually your daily task but your task controller.

For eg: I’ve 5 tasks which are,

  • Cash
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Bucketlist
  • Academics

Actually these are my 5 tasks and the last date to complete these tasks was today. I made it today as because they’ll keep up showing or notifying you to finish these tasks. All you need to do is create a lot of subtasks (which are your daily tasks) under these main tasks and manage them wisely. Every morning at 6, I open my Wunderlist and check all the subtasks under these main tasks. My daily job is to finish all those subtask before I go to sleep. Trust me, If you finish all the daily subtasks of all these 5 main tasks within 24 hours, then you’re becoming damn productive.


Getting notified is as important as completing tasks, you might have more than 20-30 tasks a day and remembering all of them is not quite practical. All these applications are having the advantage of notifying us at times, so that we can complete them within no time. I asked you to create the main tasks with the last day as today, because in that case the app will notify you to finish the pending tasks. So you’ll be notified to finish the subtasks and main tasks every time according to your notification preference.

I strong recommend you to add their widget on the home screen or notification bar (in iOS) to make your activities super productive. These widgets will show up the pending tasks and you’ll be seeing them every single time, these kinda small notifications will surely encourages you to finish those subtasks as soon as possible.


Keep an eye on your recurring payments or recurring activities, a good majority of the recurring activities are seriously important to us. Paying Internet bill, mobile bill or anything like that is a recurring activity and it should be done on time. Just create a main task with the name and details of your recurring activities and set them a fixed date and time and enable the option “Repeat”. Set the repeat status and make it on! You’re done. Wunderlist will notify you on the right time and recurring payments will become more easier.


Sync your data with all your devices and even your laptop. Start using their website or their application as well (available on OSX). Their application will surely help you a lot to become more productive and the syncing should be done perfectly to maintain stuff clearly.


Always keep a new list for your startup or business activities, if you’re maintaining a team. It will be an unnecessary thing if you don’t keep a team, but if you’re having a team then you need to create a new list and add all your company tasks. Share it with your group members, you can chat, you can share docs and you’ll be notified when any of your team member completes a task. I’m sure this is really going to boost up your team productivity.


I’m using Wunderlist since a year and it’s making me damn productive for sure. I always recommend this tool to many out there so that they can also increase their productivity. This is not a sponsored review, but I’m recommending this because it really does changed the way I managed time. Completing tasks is now easy with Wunderlist, you can also give it a try 🙂

Available on Play Store and App Store : Wunderlist