Monitor Backlinks

Monitor backlinks is a great tool to track your daily backlink profile status. You can add your domain names and know whether you got a new backlink or whether you lost a backlink. They will email you every time when you get a backlink, they’ll email you every time you lose one. This tool has been used by more than 71000 internet marketers and it’s been on the market for more than 5 years time. Personally, I love this tool to the maximum because it helps me track all my backlink data without any kinda problem. It’s seriously time saving and economical.

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Monitor Backlinks Coupon

You can find the coupon code above this heading, use this coupon code to get first 3 months at the price of one. By using this coupon, you save flat 67% on your first 3 months billing, they also offer 100% money back guarantee, but trust me, you won’t even imagine about asking the money back. This tool is 100% worth the investment and it works like your employee monitoring all the backlinks you got.


I’ve posted my personal experience and review of this tool here in this article, do give this a read and take the decision if you want. The choice is totally yours because you’re the one paying for it. We will come up with more case studies and video tutorial sooner.

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