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Monitor Backlinks Review : Link Building to Perfection


You might have tried different types of backlink analysis tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush etc, but have you ever tried a tool which will automatically alert you whenever you get a backlink? have you imagined about getting emails every day about the backlinks you got, the backlinks you lost and the health you’ve gained? Especially when it comes to an expensive SEO campaign, a tool which does all the job which I mentioned above is seriously important. It is as important as getting sales because you never know when you’re going down in SERPs.

While I run my search engine campaigns, I always keep an eye on the backlinks because a single negative link will pull your legs down to death. You know the fact that a single hater can destroy everything with his power 😛 , but if we are alert, we can surely take necessary actions without even worrying about it right?

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a web tool developed by a team of crazy search engine optimizers. They provide the perfect solution to the problems I faced. The primary advantage of this tool is that it helps me a lot in managing my time. I used to do all these things manually spending all my time tracking the backlinks I made, the excel sheet which contains all the tracks and shit, now I can easily manage all my blogs, client sites etc using monitor backlinks tools. I’m reviewing this tool just to help you out in saving your time by using this tool. This tool got all the features I wanted, it alerts me whenever I get a backlink, it alerts me whenever I lose one and also I can easily analyze the backlink status and health of my website in a single dashboard, without evening going behind my links. ‘

Here You can find the SEO Status of My 2 Months Old Blogbeatz (27th March 2014).

monitor backlinks review

Actually, this article was originally written around 2 years back when I started this blog, at that time I was experiencing growth and monitor backlinks tool helped me to grow more steadily with the proper research report they gave me. Now I’m updating this article with my experience with monitor backlinks. This tool is a totally worth it!


After when you add your domain into the dashboard, you’ll get to see the backlinks you got, the health of the backlinks is very well explained. Especially you can know whether it is dofollow or nofollow, the site, the PageRank, the domain authority, MOZ rank and much more data on a single page. Isn’t that cool enough to learn more about the links you developed by spending your time and money?

monitor backlinks review

Here you can see some links of Blogbeatz which are dofollow and also some nofollow links.The links written with “OK” means that it is dofollow one and it helps in SEO of our website or blog.The links written with “NF” nofollow are useless links and won’t help in SEO.On the right side, you can see the Page Rank and Moz Rank and Domain Authority of the website which helps to understand the real quality of links.


Rather than explaining about their pricing plan, I’ll say my point of view about paying for a tool like this. Basically, this tool helps me to save almost 1-2 hours a day which is 60 hours a month. So I don’t mind paying $24 or $100 a month for this tool because I’m making money out of my clients and my business as well. Search engine marketing is one of the most important sources of income for me, so a tool like this will surely benefit me. I’m not even paying the salary of an SEO executive here, but I’m getting more productive results. Well, that’s more than enough for me! 🙂

monitor backlinks pricing

Final Verdict

You might have got an idea about the working of this tool, so now you can think more about the advantage of using a tool like this. Buy the tool or take the trail run only if you feel that you need this tool. Well, this tool is not going to harm your website or search engine profile in any manner, but if you really need this tool or if you want to save time and money while running your seo campaign, then this tool is a must try one!

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Article updated on 14th June 2016!