MoboRobo Review – The Multi-Purpose Smartphone Management Tool

Smartphones are a craze and we all love our smart little devices, but sometimes it also needs some help to run efficiently. When we are browsing or carrying on any work on our Smartphones then it is bound to use the data usage and at the end of the month the hefty bill that comes in takes us by surprise. Not only that sometimes even our Smartphones start working weird and if by any chance it gets corrupted then we will be losing all important data that we tend to store in our device. The mobile phone is not restricted to calling, SMS or for receiving calls only instead it is used for browsing, sending emails, chatting, watching movies, playing games and storing important information like bank details including debit card and credit card information. Therefore, it is quite natural that we will lose out on our favorites and crucial information if we don’t take proper backup. When we have so many things happening on a Smartphone device, then it becomes a necessity that we take the help of any tool to keep it protected and the information backed up always. In order to help you with these activities a Smartphone management tool has been introduced called the MoboRobo. It is all in one tool that will help you take care of your Smartphone effectively.

MoboRobo and its various ways of doing things

MoboRobo is the Smartphone management tool that will help you manage the device from the computer easily. To start with, you can actually restore all important data on your computer through MoboRobo and not just that even restoring is also made possible with the help of this tool. You will enjoy its services even more when you will know that this Smartphone management tool comes absolutely free of cost. It is still in its beta version, so the possibility of bugs cannot be ruled out completely, but there is nothing that serious in there. It performs well in Windows 7 and the Windows Vista version, but with old XP setup users have been facing some issues while setting the tool up.

Managing Contacts along with SMS and call log management

This Smartphone management tool will display the contacts that you have stored in your Android device in exactly the same format that is there in your Smartphone. Therefore, if you have your contacts stored in Groups then this app will also reflect the same. It is almost like a replica and the same thing applies for the SMS and call logs too. You will be able to view everything as is and if you want, then you can also delete or add contact information, modify, restore or take proper backup of all important data. Contacts are very important because there are several addresses in the contact list that are important and in case they are lost then we will be at a huge loss, therefore taking the help of this tool will save you from the agony. So make use of Import and Export option available and keep your contact information in a safe location. Even transferring from one Android to the other one is also made easy so next time when you change your handset, you know which tool will be helpful!



Getting your refreshed images always

When you are connected to MoboRobo it will show you exactly the same page that you are on your Smartphone. If you navigate through another page on your device, then MoboRobo will refresh itself to show you the updated page. Once you are connected within minutes you will be on the Home page and there you will find other tabs like Data, Apps, Tunes, Images, videos and themes. The tool is easy to navigate through and is self – explanatory. On the home screen it will come up with your phone’s image and the present screen. If you want, you can operate full screen too as it will give you the feel that you are operating on your device only.



Restoring your backups

When you are taking back-up, then it becomes obvious that you will need to restore it else it is of no use to take back-up. MoboRobo will provide you with the restoring options where you can restore previous backups or you can just make your choice about what you want to restore. If you want, you can restore only the contacts and leave aside messages and other information.

Accessing and managing SMS

The screen will show you the list of messages you have therefore it will be easy for you to either read them in there or delete the wanted SMS and the best part is that you can also send the text messages from the interface only.


Uninstalling and Installing the apps

In order to save yourself from extra data usage you can manage updating and installing of apps on your PC with the help of MoboRobo. It will come up with time to time update notification so that you don’t need to remember to get everything updated on time. Once the notification appears you can complete the updates from the very same window. This will help you save time as you won’t have to pay a visit to the Play Store instead with a click or two you will get things done.


Managing Camera Album and Wallpaper

If you are one of those users who loves to click one and all images, then MoboRobo will be a boon in disguise for you. It will help you manage the huge collection of photos in your camera album through batch actions. Even, Wallpaper center is there in MoboRobo which get various options for your wallpaper from different categories.


Downloading Ringtones and Video management

MoboRobo makes it easier for you to manage videos. You can either play the videos or you can export your favorite ones and remove all the other unwanted ones to make space for new. With the help of the preview you will be able to decide what you want to do. MoboRobo offers another brilliant feature and that is free ringtones downloading. So if you are bore with the same ringtone then you can go in there and select any one you like and that too for absolutely free of cost.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for some tool which will help you to manage your Smartphone in an effective way through your Windows OS then MoboRobo should definitely come into your priority list. It is easy to use and the navigation is simple to make your overall experience a nice one.Download it Here 




  1. Hello Krishna,

    I always use this tool to update my Android device apps, I am not mad to waste my bandwidth 😛 This is an awesome iPhone and Android management tool.


  2. Great tool and thanks for reviewing it here on your blog
    I’m downloading it this moment

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