I’m really scared knowing the fact that “written articles” are getting less attention compared to “video content” on the Internet.

The internet is growing so damn fast (not faster than light though), but at the same time, people are becoming lazy.

If you ask me which is the next big search engine after Google (your guess was right), I’d say Youtube.

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So as video content started getting the tremendous amount of acceptance and reach within the internet audiences, the rate of reading books and reading articles went down.

But video content is good (for the lazy in me).

Also, it saves a lot of time (from the productive in me).




I just gave mentorbox a try and I thought I’d write down my experience here, also at the same time I could compare my “real book reading experience” vs “mentorbox“.

So mentorbox

Mentorbox is an online service. It’s quite different and unique, the concept of this service is pretty simple.

You read a lot of books to improve your inner self and to do better in your work, life and relationships right? But it takes some serious time to complete an entire book.

What if the authors of the same book talk to you (in a video, don’t take it seriously) what’s inside the book and how you should use that book in order to change your life.


But, NO. There is a massive difference between reading a complete book and listening to a video of your favorite author telling you what the book is all about (completely).

So, as they couldn’t really make it up to the same effect as reading a book, they created a set of content to help you out.

In mentorbox, you can access various resources like


Well, the 2 points which I mentioned above is the real deal with mentorbox (this is not a paid review). You can get access to this information anytime and that’s pretty much the whole story.

Note: There is a very important comparison paragraph at the end of this article. Read until the end or Skip to the main point.

Books vs Books

Well, reading a complete book will give you a clear idea about the author’s idea and it plants a small seed into the center of your brain which will grow eventually.




As it grows, you’ll get better with your new perspective which is somewhat mixed with the authors.


The same concept is being engineered by mentorbox to help you understand the book better from the author itself.

Also, they are trying to plant a seed just like the books do and I believe that they succeeded in their idea.

They claim to have more than half a million members enrolled already. Also, there is a landing page video to help you understand the idea better.

Time comparison

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.  — Leo Tolstoy



Well, time is the most important commodity in our life. I’m pretty sure that everybody on this planet is looking out for more time to complete that article or your product design.

Mentorbox is also doing something similar, they are trying to help entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to save time using their service.

For example, a great book eats around 8 hours of your time, but at the same time, you could be able to understand the book within 1-2 hours from the author itself with mentorbox.

That’s simply how it works.

I believe it’s a pretty good way to deal with your time and knowledge at the same time. I know the fact that no services like this could completely vanish your reading habits, but they could help you save time.

Give it a try, and let me know if it sucks. It was a great experience for me though. They use teachable to showcase their content, and it’s too good.

You can try teachable with a coupon code here (limited).



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December 3, 2017

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