Uhmm, uhmmmm!…, Yeah! Matt Cutts is on leave? but wait! are you sure about his leave? The thing is that, the head of the web spam team of Google is on a leave (as per the talks) and the real thingy behind his invisibility is not clear yet. Matt Cutts is the head of the Web Spam team in Google and he was a scary night mare of bloggers and marketers all around the globe who knows SEO.

Matt Cutts Is On Leave?

Some people say Matt is on leave, but yet we are not sure about his leave and just like google is hiding their search engine algorithm, they’re also hiding the reason behind the invisibility of Matt Cutts. Well, the saddest part is that, some people are releasing some rumors like “Matt Cutts is having some deseases” and the worst part? Search Engine Land wrote a post about “Google appointing new Web Spam team Head” and last week Google also rolled out a panda update.

Where did the Matt Cutts Go?

Come, let’s discuss this stuff through comments, just comment your response and we will make it a discussion! Let us know if you find him out, we are already thinking about advertising on newspaper “SEO Guruji Missing”