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The art of managing your blog’s backlinks

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life changer apps

Backlinks are like the backbones of our blog or service websites.As a part of marketing campaign or an SEO campaign, we often hear the word so called backlinks.What are backlinks? how they work and how to manage them, to be frank majority of the marketers who are running behind money cannot answer this questions.

Well all I can say is “backlinks are damn too important” and the seo strategist or the marketer have to take care of the backlink profile of their sites or blogs carefully.Backlink profile can be simply defined as the backlinks we have, well its not about the numbers but about the quality.Suppose if you’ve 100 quality backlinks then you got a good backlink profile, on the other hand if you have 900 bad backlinks and 100 good backlinks, then your backlink profile ain’t cooler or cleaner, make it perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ .


Backlink Profile

Maintaining a good backlink profile matters a lot.The cleaner backlink profile you’ve the higher your ranks are.Actually the concept of backlink is that, google wants others blogs or websites to refer you positively.The more positive linking you get the more quality your link got.Suppose if someone is linking your article positively (the blog may not have very high status) you’ll surely get those benefits but on the other hand if someone is linking you negatively then damn sure it gonna suck you down.

The ranks will start dropping, your site status will go down and traffic will go down as well.Onpage and Offpage are the two main parts of SEO, you’ve to make all things perfect in order to rank prospectively.Here are some tips to follow to make your backlink profile cleaner ๐Ÿ™‚

Make more Quality Backlinks

The word quality matters a lot here.While developing backlinks always keep in mind this term “Forget the numbers” its not about numbers, but its all about quality.I can easily get 1000 of links from local blogs where as getting a single backlink from authority sites like copyblogger is a hell of a job for me.Google counts only quality backlinks when it comes to quality and long term ranking.I know its hard to make a link with high quality, still try your best developing some.Check these status of the blog you’re working on,

+ Their Backlink Profile

+ DA/PA Status

+ Search Rankings

+ Trust Rank

Remove the Unwanted

The web is not yet completely secured.You may work hard (damn hard) making your backlink profile cleaner but someone may be helping you without your knowledge developing bad links for your site (he may be your competitor).So analyzing that type of weird activities are not that easy and at times its impossible.So the best we can do is to use the current resources we have to analyze those links and delete them.

Personally I use monitorbacklink tool to remove my unwanted links and monitor my backlinks as well.Grab a 3 months free account here at monitorbacklinks .You may personally mail those websites to remove your link and if they don’t do that, use advanced support.These tools really helps us to find those nuggets.

Monitor the Activity

Monitoring the activity of your backlinks helps a lot.Suppose the site with your backlink is going down at times, then its time for you to remove that backlink.The weirdest thing is that when their site is affected by something that reflects to your backlinks and your site too.So keep an eye on your backlinks and moniter them at your best.If you find something suspicious, research the reason and do the necessary stuffs.

I use SEMrush also to get some detailed explanation of my sites and my competitors SEO status, get a free trial here if you’re interested


  1. Hi Krishna !

    Nice piece of information. Actually having a clean backlink profile is very important. You have mentioned and discussed it very well. But I think, one important thing that is missing from your backlink management art is the idea of diversifying your anchor texts. If you take a close look on Copyblogger’s backlink building strategy, you’ll come to know how they have diversified their anchor texts and it has helped them in right way.

    By the way, thanks for sharing dear ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice week ahead !

  2. Really Good tips krishna bro .. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep on sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i love your explaination. I agree with you that backlinks are the backbone of our blog. But sir, my question is how much backlinks are required for long term blogs?

  4. Bro came to this post randomly and found it really cool…Specials thanks for mentioning the way to monitor the links..It will be really helpful…

  5. Really nice article.. The back links are benefit to get more traffic

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