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Why You are Not Making Money from Blogging

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no money

90% of the internet users are starting a blog just to make money online.I mean “Just To Make Money Online” and this hell of their intention is not allowing them to make money online.Yes, if you start a blog, especially if you are starting a business blog then you should make money out of it ,else how can you call it as business blog? So to call a blog as a business blog ,you probably need to make some good amount of money out it.I can say 70% of the people are failing to make money because they are not working harder and the remaining 30% are not working smart.Simple!

After researching the reason for some days I’m writing this article to make you aware of why the hell are you not making money online.I got a small and very important tip to help you make money online from your blog.Just be passionate and when you woke up ,just go the mirror and say “I’ll make Money from my blog today” may be you won’t be making money on that day but if you do this daily then that will keep you moving like a boss ;).So here are some of the reasons I’ve noticed while my research.


Not Following the Ethics

This is one of the most important area where 90% of the bloggers fail.When it comes to real life stuffs we all follow some ethics,but why the are you not following them online? why ? bloggers are aliens? according to my knowledge the people who are working and creating blogs and wandering the internet are “Humans” so if you are following your ethics on real life then why not on Internet.Ah not going to confuse you anymore ,let me explain the stuff.

Before starting a blog ask yourself some questions and know the facts of blogging.If you ask me what are the question I should ask my self then here it goes

+ Am I Passionate about Blogging?

+ Can I make Money blogging?

+ What’s the purpose for me to blog?

+ Can I work hard on this?

+ Can I change my life with this?

Yes, ofcourse you need to ask this question to yourself.If you have positive answers for this questions then I should say “Welcome to Blogging” you are not going to fail, you’ll make big money and yes blogging will change your life like anything.So what I’m coming to say is understand what is a blog and what it actually means.70% of the people have a thought that you can make $$ easily from a blog.My friend blogging is not a rocket science you have to work a lot to make money online and you should be damn passionate too.

According to me a blog should be something which helps the internet users in knowing, learning and solving their problems.So what should a blog contain? its none other than helpful contents.Most of the bloggers are not updating helpful contents and a good amount of $%^#%%^$# are copying articles.Why ? πŸ™ that sucks.


Hard Work

Some people say do smart work then hard work, to be more clear the smart workers already worked hard to say the quote ” Do smart work” Aha! dude you need to work hard always but if you can work hard in a smarter way then we can call that smartwork and the fact is that it works like a boss.So learn how to work smarter by doing hard work that’s what I wanted to say.As I said a blog should have a lot of contents to make it a perfect blog.A perfect blog is something with good amount of traffic, good quality contents and good structure.To make a blog like this you need to work hard and that’s a universal fact.The best thing is that if you have a blog with these stuffs then advertisers will ping “You” through your contact box and that’s how you make money online.

I hope everything’s clear to you, so try to make some boom boom with your blogs and make money online.Make sure you visit blogbeatz daily πŸ˜‰ have a Great Day πŸ™‚




  1. You are right krishna..
    this’s great article indeed..

  2. Blogging needs a lot of hard work and patience too. One should not loose hope if not getting success.

  3. Awesome Work Brother and Yes Majority of Newbies want to Make money from Blogging without any hard work.
    Last Night one guy asked me How to Make a Blog, I just Gave Him the link of the Blogspot platform to make a blog. Then he asked me when and How can I make money. So, the main point is people just wanna make money, there is no passion.

  4. Yes I Am Passionate about Blogging.. but i got success after 4 years.. … after 4 years because I start my blogging journey with my brother.

  5. Dave Jatin

    Ya….Right Krishna…

    u know many true fact about blog….n also like that u share with us…..

  6. Wou,its a nice post.

  7. Hi Krishna,
    You are right. In my opinion hard work is the must for success. Now a days I am getting lazy of writing content for my blog. Your article gave me some inspiration. Hope to be active. Thanks a lot for helping us with your SEO and blogging knowledge.

  8. yes hard work with passion definetely pays.. I also like to add a point when we step into blogging world we should forget about being laziness first . you done a Good work!!!!

  9. Hey krishna bro,
    i really need this type of post. I lyk the way u explain this post πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Krishna
    Vow watta a wonderful point at No1; not following ethics. Many bloggers do this because they poor soul don’t know blogging is a business and once they cheat a customer not only he will not come back but will tell others how you cheated on him. If he is an online guy he may share a post with his community.
    In frenzy of doing more and getting more many time people forget about ethics and just want to sell in any way to make a few bucks. But eventually their business collapse and they wrongly point at a right business by terming it not fit for money making.

  11. Hai, kM
    Am subbarao, am failing to get huge traffic to my blog,what should i do?please suggest some tricks.

  12. yes hard work with passion definitely pays., but most bloggers jump in top blogger just to own a blog, and next to make money in an instant ,never knowing that blogging is more than that, i really need this type of post. I lyk the way u explain this post πŸ™‚ but what is Blogging with no Profit

  13. Hi krishna, to get succeed in blogging, One should focus on writing quality content, then build traffic to his site. Once you have a good amount of traffic, money will follow you. You are right, don’t give too much importance to money. We have to give importance to quality content. Because content is the king. Thank you for sharing this personality development post.

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