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How to Make Money Indirectly Using Your Blog




For Indians, PayPal = Income πŸ™‚ haha, that’s the only reason why I used this image to get you here.Actually there is a lot of Indian bloggers out there who make good or decent income from their blogs as part time and even a good majority is making blogging a living.They make around $2k+ per month and even more than that to make a super cool living from their comfort zone but some bloggers like me who are lazy like hell doesn’t work hard to sustain the power of the blogs and eventually the blogs get weaker and the reason may be something like “College” – maybe.

So how I made money Indirectly?Β believe it or not a good majority almost 60% of my income is made indirectly with the help of my blog.We make money from sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing and advertising income etc but have you ever thought of other kinda monetizations we can use to make big money from our blogs? hey, sorry not “from” our blogs but using our blogs Β πŸ˜‰ .


Your Blog is Your Identity

You’re the creator of your blog and your blog is your identity for sure.But the identity should help you somehow, whether it be in making money or helping you in personal branding.Let’s take an example,

“Suppose if you make $2k with your affiliate marketing activity you’ve done in your blog then that means that you’re skilled to make money with affiliate marketing, that you know affiliate marketing and finally you know marketing and you know what? companies need marketers as well.

Yes, the simple answer is “Mentorship” or “Jobs”.If you prove your works and expose your skills then people badly need you, they offer you and they are ready to hire you.You may not be interested in joining all of them but one pure deal can change everything, never forget that :).

I’ve made some good portfolios with my Search Engine Marketing skills and nowadays I get a lot of calls to help some companies for their SEO, I dived into affiliate marketing for a change and now companies are calling me to help them make an affiliate marketing strategy for them.

Utilizing these offers helps you in making mass amount of money, you think that its because of you these offers are coming, sorry to say my friend its just because of your blog they are calling you πŸ™‚ .


Never Fool Others

You’re sure that you’re not a fool so just like you other peoples are also sure that they’re not fools, understand and act like that.I’ve been getting a lot of review offers and sponsored review requests from many companies.Some new startups with good funding approach me to write a review on my blog even if our niche is entirely different and the fact is that they are offering me big money like $200- $300.

I don’t take that kinda offers just because I don’t want them to lose money, I’m not here for money alone and I’m not saying that I’m a pure guy who is not at all greedy about money.I need money and I love money but money is always secondary for me in front of ethics.I always recommend them not to advertise on my blog because the niche is different, after hearing that they’ll ask me to help them in making their sponsored review campaign perfect.I’ll develop a new strategy for them for free according to my free time and they’re too happy with me.

Finally they’ll surely have some offers for me to work with them or I’ll be considered as the premium affiliate with more commission rates compared to other affiliates πŸ˜› that’s how it works.At least they’ll provide me the product for free without even writing a review.


Final Verdict

There is a lot of other indirect methods to make big money out of blogging like you can get a job with your blogging portfolio or you can start a company and exhibit your blog as a portfolio.Choosing the option and utilizing the offers entirely depends on how you consider it and how you act up on it. πŸ™‚ Wish you all the best for the upcoming deals you make.


  1. Aha, great post, you’re right. Probably I will also get more clients by showcasing and helping others to the perfect πŸ™‚ Thanks for writing, high appreciated.

  2. That first line paypa=income according to indians made me laugh :v :p

  3. Another Quality Article Which I Expected From. Especially Some Words Like “Your Blog Is Your Identity” Is Must For Bloggers. Thanks Again For Sharing Your Best Information. πŸ˜€

  4. Really helpful post, thank you for sharing.

  5. Hey Krishna it,s an great Post and as You say Never Fool Other Yes it is Very Necessary to Build a good Relationship with our Blog Readers and this Post will Help many Bloggers to Understand That πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Krishna,

    Very true! Our blog is our identity and that’s the main reason we all should care our blog’s all elements like theme, content and social signals.

    Keep up your excellent work!


  7. Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for sharing the great post with the great and unique Idea. Hope bloggers will take this advantage and make more money.

  8. Very Helpful and impressive article. It will help bloggers. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  9. Blogging is a great way of generating a passive income and more bucks in paypal accounts, yup, I totally agree with you on this!

  10. already people offering me it’s great idea I knew it already but my goal is different πŸ™‚

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