How to Make Your Blog Popular in 30 Days [2000 words]

popular blog

popular blog

Make a Blog Popular in 30 Days ? Is it possible? Really? Ah! let’s see its possible or not! As we all know making a popular blog helps in all the ways like making money out of it, getting fame out of it and many may advantages.But when I was saying to my friends that I’m going to share how to make your blog popular in 30 days and everyone was reply like “Social Share and all that we know” ,”Stop sharing same content again and again” actually I’m not here to tell you to share your blog on social media to make it popular and you cannot make your blog popular by Social Sharing keep in mind πŸ˜› .

Here, I’ll be sharing some advanced methods to follow so that you can make your blog popular in 30 Days.Let’s start from Scratch πŸ˜‰ .

Building the Blog

Man! You need a blog to make it popular right? So let’s start from blog building.What a Blog really needs? Alexa? High PR? no a Blog really needs “Great Content“.Always keep in mind “Content is the King“.If you have a great content in your blog then traffic comes to automatically.So start making wonderful and unique contents and try to explain it a good manner so that you can build a relationship with your readers.

Blog Design

The second ever thing which comes under blog building is Blog Design! Always have a unique and chilling template or theme to make out a boom to your readers.! You know what some people revisits the blog just to check out the amazingness of that template.Even my template is not that amazing but soon its going to be πŸ˜‰ I’m working on it :).So Make your blog design perfect, you may find many bad looking which may be highly SEO Optimized ones ,but I strongly recommend you not to go for it because its going to kill your blog’s future.The most important thing you should take care of while applying the template is make it clean! Especially don’t annoy the readers.If you have many popups on your blog or any kinda irritating stuffs there you are loosing a potential visitor.Always plan your blog design perfectly.Try hard to make your readers revisit to your blog with your looks and content.

Be Ready

Always make your blog comfortable and perfect without any bugs! I mean the reader should not feel any problems while doing anything on your blog.If he is wishing to share your topic ,he should find the sharing button easily, like that always keep track on everything and make it perfect.

Perfect Navigation

Navigation takes a very important role in decreasing the bounce rate and engagement of your blog.If your blog is having a perfect site navigation readers can move on with your blog on what they really like.But what if they are finding nothing when they click on “Make Money Online” section on your blog? Dump -_- Yeah! that’s one of the craziest feeling so never ever let that happen with your blog.Atleast you should have 5 Articles on each topic you choose.

Logo and Colour

There is a lot of things to be taken care of when you are making up your blog design and one of the important stuff is Logo.Sorry blogbeatz is having a logo already but I recently migrated to WordPress so I’m working on customizing my theme.You can see some changes soon.Always have a Branded and amazing logo which stands out of the crowd and don’t mind paying for quality.Because you need quality to make it a brand! I’m covering that soon wait.

Traffic Management

Managing Traffic? Oh god I’m not even getting good traffic then how will I manage it? πŸ˜› Yeah this question comes in your mind but don’t worry you can manage your low traffic also.There are two types of traffic “Targeted and Untargted” we need only targeted traffic to our blog.I mean if you are writing on a blogging niche blog, we need only bloggers and webmasters to read that article because they are the only one who benefit us.And you cannot guess how well they are benefiting us (If you know what I mean).

You know what? getting some untargeted traffic can increase your adsense income but it will never last because your blog is dying on the other side.If we take an example of why Techcrunch and Mashable are famous ? its because of their targeted traffic ,they get a lot of 100% Pure Quality traffic from Search Engines daily.I will say a small fact that, you know the normal CPM rate of Indian traffic its around $1/1000 Impressions Β and for US traffic its like $4/1000 Views.You know what ?Indian bloggers are charging $0.50 to $1/1000 Impressions when they are allow to advetisers on their blog ,but you can see website like Mashable etc.. Charging $17/1000 Impressions but why? they are getting US traffic because of that? No for US traffic we can calculate a maximum of $5 that’s it but why they are charging $17? Its because they know the real quality of their traffic and the advertisers are ready to spent big Dollars to enjoy that quality traffic which makes a very very good % of Conversion.

Manage Your Traffic

As I said only target some Quality and targeted traffic to make a boom with your blog.The targeted traffic, helps a lot in maintaining a good engagement with your blog readers and you can make your blog hit in the matter of days.Always try hard to get some search traffic, because you cannot expect the life of Social Media traffic because you know its not reliable.But getting search traffic is also not that easy but you have to try and try hard! Work day and night to learn SEO and try hard to get search Traffic.If you are working really hard then you’ll get search traffic for sure and you become an SEO guy that’s kinda big Skill and you can read this real fact behind make money blogging to know how really your skills helps

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Backlink Profile

Confused about this word? Yeah! Backlink profile means Β clean and natural backlinks of your blog which helps in search traffic.You may be working hard on link building but there are many easy method to build some backlinks and they are the damn! killers of your blog.While you’re building backlinks always play safe because a single backlinks can kill your blog in days.So while building backlinks build Quality ones rather than minding quantity.Build safe links to avoid Animal Β hits from Google.

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Did you noticed a stuff I made above? Here I’ve linked an article from ShoutMEloud so that my readers can learn how to build a quality link profile.Here I’m taking care about my readers and you should too.But there is another point also, I’m giving a dofollow backlinks to shoutmeloud here because the article I’m reffering is a quality one and you can get good results after reading it.The juice I’m passing to that article is tasty one so that it helps in ranking that article by ShoutMELoud.Why? Its because of the quality content and fame of that blog.So if your blog is having such great content then you’ll get links like this! Got my Point? Yeah! I think so πŸ™‚ .

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is one of the important resource you can use to make your blog hit! but as I said if you’re not having a Perfect blog design and content you’ll fail here also.After doing the above steps you can come to social media Marketing.I didn’t mean social media marketing by just sharing your articles on groups and pages like Spamming πŸ˜› I mean you can analyse the read potential of your readers and you can understand what they are searching for, Target them and write an article your blog is helping a guy there and that’s really great.!Never spam your links ,always have a frequency of sharing articles and give good meta description so that they can get a glance of what you’ve written.But according to my knowledge we cannot always rely on social media traffic because its not relevant ! So always try hard on search engine traffic.

According to me I utilize social media to understand the readers problem so that I can write some articles to help them out.


You may feel weird that why should we brand a blog? My Friend if you just want some traffic and adsense income then you don’t need to brand your blog but if you want to make the hell of money out of your blog “Branding” is the best way to do it so.You know what ,advertisers are interested to know the traffic of your blog and that’s quite natural.But if you have a branded blog then you have more chance to get the advertisements.So what’s the first step of branding? It’s the looks which I already said.

Always make your blog looks branded to make your blog a brand easily.For example you’re given two companies to brand! the first one is having a nasty look whereas the second one looks quite branded, now you can understand which one is easy to brand.Yeah the second one because peoples can accept it as a brand! but the first one? :/ They feel Meh! and it takes a very long time to brand that Bullshit!

The Major part of branding comes when your readers are satisfied! Yes make the readers satisfied and your blog is becoming a brand there.Always Keep in mind “Content is the King”

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To be frank I can say that you don’t really know what your blog is “~” Confused? Yeah! we can take the hell out of our blog only when we understand how to do it.Yeah for that you need to do experiments! I mean try all things and experiment with your blog.For eg : Last week I wrote a post aboutΒ How to Make $100 a Month Easily without a BlogΒ and I got almost 200 Refferals in 1 week and that’s pretty good I think.Yesterday I made an article on WebHostFace Review (It was a sponsored review) and on the first ever day they got a sale from our reader.Even I was trying some adsense experiment and I earned $1 from 200 Page Views.etc.. So I was experimenting with my blog so that I can understand the real potential of my blog and hence I can take the hell out of my blog.

Final Verdict

Hoo! That’s a finishing point πŸ™‚ .Close Your Eyes! and Keep Calm! So just take a view to the above topics and prepare your own blog strategy and let it be unique please πŸ™‚ . Make a complete blog strategy and work on it, plan your timings and all.You know what if you are working with a dedication you can make your blog a hit within 30 Days.After that 30 days you continue with the blog strategy and it will help you a lot for sure.Always keep in mind “Content is the King” and make an article for Humans especially your readers and not for bots because google is working hard to show results to Humans not bots.Always make your blog easy to read and easy to understand.

Never get disappointed if you’re failing in some steps because their you’re learning an issue and you’ll never apply it.Always learn from fails ,and don’t quit blogging on the next day if you fail! Always write unique contents so that your readers get exited about your blog and will return for sure.Making an 300 Word Article or 2022 Word Article like this doesn’t matter ,it all relies on how well you explain your stuffs to the readers.If you are behaving as a helpful friend you earn hearts rather than Dollars.You know what you can get a dollar easily but getting a heart takes some time.So guys, blog for a passion and let money follow you.Your blog is waiting for you to take the real potential from it.Go and give it a Kiss <3 Blogbeatz <3 Have a Great Day and Keep Visiting πŸ™‚






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