Looking for a Mailchimp alternative? Meet Sendinblue

mailchimp vs sendinblue

mailchimp vs sendinblue

Conversions, conversions and conversions, all we need is conversions.We all may have blogs or websites or whatever but what’s your main aim? If you ask me, then I should say my main aim is to learn about conversions, marketing and best methods to increase conversion rates.You need traffic I mean real good quality pure traffic.Getting that kinda traffic is very difficult, and you have to work like mad in order to get that kinda pure traffic.The amazing benefit of that kinda traffic is that they convert a lot.The conversion rates are damn too high if you have pure traffic.

But let’s think different, traffic means visits i.e., when some of the potential readers are visiting your blog, reading an article and making a purchase with your affiliate link.We consider that hit as a pure quality traffic, but we don’t have much access to the internal details of those hits right? So all we need is connections with them, so that we can easily market our future products and more affiliate links to make more sales out of it.But what kinda information am I talking about? huh?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to keep connected with your potential readers or customers.Almost 70% of the webmasters around the globe are connected with their potential customers using email marketing services.Selecting an email marketing tool should be an important decision.Some of the email marketing tools help us in increasing our conversion rates.I’ve tried many email marketing tools like mail chimp and I’d really love to compare MailChimp with one of the best and new email marketing tool

Meet : Sendinblue

I’ve tried MailChimp for one of my marketing purpose, and I’ve experienced some weird features and I was waiting for a new email marketing service which can meet my needs.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any and I was totally disappointed.Anyways it’s time I celebrate because Sendinblue is here πŸ™‚


Features matter a lot to us, before purchasing any items or before making any purchase decisions we think about their benefits a lot.Suppose if you’re checking the features of an email marketing tool you’ll be checking and comparing all those features to make the perfect purchase decision.The best company which provides amazing features and quality at a very low price is taken πŸ™‚ . So let’s first discuss the feature comparison of Sendinblue and Mailchimp.Just take a look at this cute table explanation πŸ™‚



Grabbing all features with amazing quality and at a very cheap price is too difficult, just take a look at the above displayed table, compare those 2 plans and you can see the real thingy behind mailchimp and Sendinblue.Sendinblue’s packages are almost 50% lower than Mailchimp and that’s totally amazing.Anyways let’s take a look at the features of Sendinblue vs Mailchimp




As I said the pricing between Mailchimp and Sendinblue is entirely different, and you can save almost 50% of your money with Sendinblue and of course you will enjoy a lot of new features too.If you don’t believe me just follow this link or compare them manually.Just check out the pricing plans provided by Sendinblue.



So now you know the real difference between the pricing Mailchimp and Sendinblue.Actually, pricing packages matter a lot in taking purchase decisions, so I guess you’re moving with Sendinblue right? haha damn sure πŸ˜‰



Their support system is amazing, you know before going for a hosting program or an email marketing service you have to check the support they provide.If someone is providing your high-quality service at a low cost and especially with a great support, then no doubts just move with that company and its none other than Sendinblue πŸ™‚

According to my experience Sendinblue’s support system is awesome, and you can get instant help and support within hours or minutes.So it’s easier to manage your email marketing campaigns πŸ™‚


Lot of Other Features Too

Apart from a normal email marketing services, Sendinblue provides a lot of other super cool features too, so let me list some of them and end this up πŸ˜‰ because I’m sure you’re done with a decision πŸ™‚

+ Email and SMS Marketing

+ Subscription Forms

+ Segmentation of Contacts

+ High Quality Statistics

+ Real-Time Statistics

+ Geo Location

+ Click Tracking

+ Newsletter Creation

+ HTML Editor

+ Drag & Drop Images

+ Simple Interface

+ Amazing Templates

+ lot more

So I’m not asking your decision because I’m kinda sure that you decided to move with Sendinblue, and if you are using Mailchimp then this is a must decision you should take.So check out Sendinblue and enjoy the features.If you got any doubts please let me know and comment your experience and feeling too πŸ˜‰ Have a great day Blogbeatz







  1. Hi, your article is very much interesting.

  2. hey krishna
    i do think we need to find an alternative but both sendin blue and mailchimp sit in spam box how to prevent this
    also tried ininbox

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